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One of the most important practices of business owners and big companies, is the importance they attach to having well-detailed information about their employees. They basically go about this with different methods and strategies. Human Resource Management System and Human Resource Information System are two similar methods used in getting information from the employees. However, both are different from each other. Human resource management system is a type of system used in getting and tracking important details about different employees in an organization.

It is also responsible for time and labor management, payroll and human capital management. The human resource information system also gets and tracks details about the employees. The system is used to capture more details about an employee, mostly updated information about an employee. This includes tax information of an employee and different benefits he is entitled to. The human resource management system, on the other hand, is also used to track the performance of employees and their varying needs.

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A captive company strategy may sound complex at first, but it's fairly simple. Captive company strategy basically allows for a company to remain viable while supplying or selling to only one buyer. Their sales and profits depend on the other company who buys from them. While it may seem like a bad thing to mainly have one buyer for goods, it also gives the supplier the needed viability.

Possibly the biggest problem with this strategy is that the supplier is limited by its buyer's activities. If the buyer slows down with their business or chooses to go in a new direction, the supplier slows down or stops completely. A company can also be taken captive if they are overly weak and cannot subsist on their own.

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Theory X and Theory Y are two theories introduced by professor Douglas McGregor that explains the approach to managing people depending on their trait. Theory X encourages an authoritative approach to leadership, whereby the employees are compelled to work with the leader to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. On the other hand, Theory Y encourages a participative approach to leadership, which calls for a corporation with the employees since the leader and the employees are not in conflict with themselves.

Theory X form of leadership was adopted more during the 1900s when the autocratic form of government was being practiced, while the theory Y form of leadership is more adopted in the present modern days while the Democratic form of government is put to more practice. In theory X, the employees are not motivated to work, except there is a financial reward attached. But when it comes to Theory Y, the employees are still motivated to work even without financial rewards just achieve their minds set goals and objectives.

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Planning of course, as it is the proccess of setting goals and determining the main objectives of an organization

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Correct option is D - time management.
Time management is the skill managers rely on to be able to prioritize work, to work efficiently and to delegate appropriately.

Conceptual skill is the skill managers use to think in the abstract.
Interpersonal skill is the ability to communicate, understand and motivate individuals within and outside an organization.

Technical skill is use to accomplish or understand the specific kind of work done in an organization.
Decision making skill is the ability to recognize and define problems and opportunities and then to select a course of action to solve problems and capitalize opportunities.

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Management function of controlling is the process whereby organization sets itself performance objectives and strives to achieve them as best it can over time. It is a method for managing the performance of the organization. It is the process oriented to verify the advancement status of the planned objectives as well as the efficacy and efficiency of the organization through the analysis of the resources, costs and proceeds.

Controlling is one of the important functions of management. It pinpoints the deviations on the basis of which management can take corrective actions. Without the function of controlling, work done in the organization is not systematic and as per plans, since the inefficiencies remain undetected.

For achieving the objectives and targets, it is necessary that the actual performance is assessed from time to time to ensure that what is being achieved is in conformity with the objectives and targets.

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simranjit kaur

CRM is a technology that manages all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and it also helps you to manage customers, sales, equipment, distributors and etc.

If your business is facing issues, then you need a business strategy for the future to targets customers' for sales and to achieve business objectives. And CRM is just for that it helps you build your business brand.

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Help text, label, and picklist values can all be edited under Standard Objects on Salesforce. Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management system that focuses on sales and customer support.

This cloud-based program also will automate sales and aid in marketing efforts across the board.

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A work breakdown structure is a deliverable-oriented breakdown of a project into smaller components. It basically allows a task or project to be put into more manageable terms and shows which teams do what tasks. A work breakdown structure does include the project tasks and identifies them by a unique identifier.

The only part of this answer that is not true is listing the tasks in the order they are to be performed. The order of the tasks will be decided in the planning process. The rest of the available answers are true, a WBS estimates resource requirements, breaks down the project into small parts, and documents the scope of the project.

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