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Mammal Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Mammals are animals that have fur, produce milk for their young and have a backbone. These animals also may make sound or try to communicate with the other animals. They may yell or scream. Mammals can be either carnivores, herbivores or both. Some of the smarter animals are found in this classification of animals. The primates are considered to be intelligent. Rats are also very smart.

They are also one of the largest type of animals as well. The blue whale is considered an animal even though it swims in the ocean. It has all of the characteristics that makes a mammal. They are the largest animal in the world. Even though the blue whale is a mammal, not all marine animals are mammals. The clown fish is not.

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The answer for this is B which means that his mother is heterozygous for color blindness. This type of condition means that some people will have trouble distinguishing one color from another color. This color vision deficiency is more common among males rather than females but it does not mean that you will not meet women who are colorblind.

Take note that there are three different types of color blindness. The red-green color blindness is the type of color blindness that people usually suffer from. The blue-yellow color blindness is known as a close second while color-vision blindness means that people may see things without any color at all.

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The correct answer to this question is amphibian. They are regarded as fascinating animals on Earth. Examples of amphibians include salamanders, worms, toads, and newts. Their skin is permeable, which allows water and air to pass through. However, to do so, the skin but be moist. Being that their skin must be moist, they are never that far away from water.

Amphibians have been around for over 350 million years. Their lives begin under water, but when they grow lungs, they are then able to move on land. Amphibians are cold-blooded because of their body temperature changes when the air and water temperature changes.

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I agree with him kealyn1

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Both whales and humans can live for about the same amount of time. However, humans may live longer. Whales have a lifespan of about 70-90 years. They are one of the oldest living marine mammals that live in the sea. The eldest recorded blue whale lived for 110 years.

When it comes to endurance, there are a plethora of factors that can determine how long a blue whale can be expected to live. Some of these variables include being hunted by humans, food supply scarcities, climate change, water and noise pollution, and mental and physical health.

The human lifespan is the maximum amount of years an individual from the human species can live. Most humans live on average for 80-90 years. It has been heard of, though, that people have lived to make it to 110 or 120.

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The smallest mammal on earth is called the Etruscan Shrew. Its size makes it even cuter. This small animal hails from Thailand. If you have no idea how small it is, imagine that it has a nickname, ‘bumblebee bat.” It has gotten its name because it is barely an inch long. If you see something in some areas of Thailand that resembles a mammal but is very small, you may be looking at this type of shrew.

Over the past years, more and more animals have become discovered. It is not only mammals that become discovered but other animals from different animal kingdoms. The earth truly houses various animals that come in all shapes and sizes.

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The blue whale is known for its great size. It can reach almost 100 feet long and weight almost 200 tons. This animal is considered to currently be the biggest animal on the planet. It is also known for being the loudest. Many scientists have studied the sounds coming from the whales especially to determine if there are any patterns in their sounds. However, the blue whale has emitted sounds over 150 decibels.

When a blue whale makes a sound, it can last for several seconds. The loudest sound that was ever heard from a blue whale was documented at almost 200 decibels. The scientists believe that these animals make these sounds for mating purposes, attention, to determine distance and to find its prey.

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The loudest animal in the world is believed to be the Blue Whale. Due to its size, this whale can emit a sound larger than the other animals. Since the sounds of the blue whale are not heard by most people, the blue whale is often overlooked when considering its loud sound. The animal known for having a loud sound is the howler monkey. Their screams can travel a distance of a few miles.

The sound can even travel through crowded brushy areas like a rainforest. However, the howler monkey’s survival has become threatening due to environmental issues, hunting and people wanting to keep these animals as pets until they hear their loud cries. Most howler monkeys are native to the Americas that are located close to or south of the equator.

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The platypus is a mammal that is known for laying eggs. They are known for being native in Australia. When looking for a platypus, they can usually be found swimming in a river or local stream. A platypus is sometimes referred to as a duck-billed platypus due to their flat beaks that resemble those of a duck’s. A platypus can live for about 15 years depending on their situation of living in the wild or in captivity.

Usually the platypus will stay awake at night meaning they have are a nocturnal creature. The platypus usually doesn’t like direct sunlight and will either be active during the night time or when the sun is not shining directly. When the platypus delivers her eggs, she will bury them in a hole for protection.

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