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Living Things Questions and Answers (Q&A)

T. Moore, Writer
Answered: Jan 17, 2019
The answer to this number is letter C. An object should possess all the characteristics of living things which are the ability of Excretion, Growth, Movement, Nutrition, Reproduction,...Read More

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W. Pratt, Marketing Analyst
Answered: Dec 14, 2018
The answer to this question is actually quite complicated. The simplest answer is B. Matter is defined as anything that takes up space and has mass. This does include living things such as...Read More

3 Answers

B. Rickets, Marketing Analyst
Answered: Dec 26, 2018
Okay, this is a throwback to AP biology my senior year of high school. The correct answer is A: domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species. Most people will get that the domain...Read More

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Fawaz, Marketing Analyst
Answered: Sep 23, 2017

Living things like plants dosen't rely on other living things

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A. Boaz, Mechanical Engineer
Answered: Oct 08, 2019
The correct answer to this question is True because matter can be living or nonliving. The matter is all around us every day, and the matter is anything that takes up space. As a living, human...Read More

1 Answer

K. Wilson, Marketing Analyst
Answered: Jan 03, 2019
An organism is another term of a living thing. It can be an animal, it can be a plant, or it can even be a single-celled form that has a life. Take note that this is the description of an...Read More

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John Adney, Marketing Analyst
Answered: Sep 14, 2017

What I know is that fungi bacteria, plant, and animals are living things and so I think maybe the answer is four, not two.

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