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Procedural law will follow the step by step process that is required for a particular case until such time when the case passes. For substantive law, the different statutory laws will be administered by the legislature. The procedural law will govern how the process of the case should be followed while for substantive law; it will focus on how people should behave.

The context of procedural law can be useful in making sure that it applies to both legal and non-legal context. For substantive law, it is only applicable to legal context, but it is not available to non-legal context. The procedural law will matter to the things that are tackled inside the court while the substantive law can be available to those that are outside.

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Judgments end court cases, whereas an order does not. The content of a court judgment generally follows a standard format. The format involves the conditions to be carried out, while a court order can have a straightforward small content as short as a mere date, depending on the type of case. Judgments are virtually always put into writing while the judge can verbally decree orders in some cases.

Judgments and orders are terms that are diverse in meaning. In court, a judgment is a determination with finality, in which a court has delivered to end, close, or clear a lawsuit or judicial proceeding, and it is the final judgment of an ordinary court case. Judgments create resolutions for controversies. Court judge proclaims order.

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If you have ever followed politics especially lately, then you may be aware that there are political officials that are governors and senators. Governors and senators are two officials who have one thing in common and that is to oversee and represent the state.

The governor is known for staying in the capital city of the state and making decisions for the state. A US senator will represent the state, but it will make laws in Washington D.C. where he or she lives and represent the ideas of the people of their state. If anything goes wrong in the state, then the governor takes care of it. Both of these people are elected officials where people from their state vote them into their office.

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One thing that I would change about America if I could - giving everyone the democracy to vote. If the person would vote, let it be cast as one vote instead of the usual wherein the whole state would be determined before making a decision. There are a lot of things that can be changed about America but it will always change from one person to another.

There are some people who wish that America would have a more precise public transportation system. It can be easy to acquire vehicles in America and this has contributed to traffic and not a lot of people using public transportation. If this could be changed then America might become eco-friendly as carbon dioxide emissions will be greatly reduced.

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The FBI is also known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Based on the name, you can already guess that they are in charge of the investigation of different cases that may occur. They may be assigned to research and know details about cases that are considered to be hard to solve. They may be assigned with cold cases that seem to have no clue.

The police will be in charge of responding whenever there are some people who need immediate help or are not following the rules. For example, someone who is overspeeding may be stopped by the police to prevent the person from getting into an accident. The FBI and the police have different jobs to do that may sometimes seem similar to each other.

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Constituents are the ones that propose a bill to become a law.

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To become a fantastic daughter-in-law, you should be ready to treat your spouse's parents the same way you'll treat your parents. A woman should understand that once she entered into a marriage with her husband, everything about her husband becomes her priorities.

You didn't get married to him alone but to his parents and relatives. You shouldn't start your marriage life by thinking all mothers-in-law are wicked. The fact is there are wicked ones, and there are good ones. In fact, human beings are generally evils, and this trait can show up at any time. Be a good daughter-in-law to your spouse's parents.

Seek their advice as though they were your real parents. Don't get used to the mentality that your mother-in-law does not like your relationship with her son. Visit her regularly and help her with some things. In short, be nice to your spouse's parents and relatives, and they'll also do the same to you.

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No, I haven’t broken the law. I would like to think that I am one of those citizens who would like to follow the rules and regulations as much as possible. This is mainly because I do not want to bring any attention to myself. If I break the law, I know that it would make people notice me and give me negative attention, which I do not like at all.

I have seen other people break the law, and they usually get a rush whenever they are not caught. I feel that if I break the law, I would just feel anxious all the time because there is always a chance that I would get caught. I can spare and get rid of these negative feelings if I would just follow instructions.

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This is known as "contravene." When you say contravene, this means that you are going to contradict something or someone. There are instances when people may do an act that is against the law, but they believe that they are only doing this because this will allow them to reach their goals.

There are different punishments that may be given depending on the type of contravention done by people. There are some who would need to pay a fine. This is considered to be minor, and people can get on with their normal lives. Some would require people to spend time in jail for three days or less.

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Monism and Dualism are both philosophical beliefs of some people. Both Monism and Dualism do not believe the same thing. We can as well say Monism is the direct opposite of what Dualism stands for. To get this better, let's look at some differences between them. Monism is a type of doctrine that believes in oneness and unity of reality. Monism believes there is no significant difference between the individual self and the supreme being.

It seems the creator of the whole world and person as one. This type of belief can be likened to atheism. Dualism, on the other hand, believes that there is a big difference between self and the supreme creator, such that they think of the supreme creator as the most powerful. Monism also believes that all living beings are created with the same soul as the supreme being.

Monists believe the individual soul is as powerful as the supreme soul. However, Dualism doesn't believe in such, it believes individual souls are made less powerful compared to the supreme soul.

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