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Ku Klux Klan Questions and Answers (Q&A)

It is difficult to say what a Klan's member does since it is such a secret society. The Klan keeps many things secret including what their members do. Generally speaking in the past and probably today, they were responsible for violence against members of a different race. They also committed acts of violence against people who helped members of a different race. In the past, these people would dress in white and burn crosses.

They would also go out and hit, harm and kill members of the other race. It seemed that very few members were held accountable for their actions. Today, they do lots of protesting or harming people who they are against individually. They also go to meetings to discuss what they are going to do next.

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The costumes worn by the KKK members is very distinct. They are known to wear long white robes that cover their arms and legs and usually cover even their feet so that no one can see their shoes. They also wear a tall white pointed hat on their heads and a white sheet over their heads with holes in them for their eyes nose and mouth. They wear these costumes that cover most of themselves so that people cannot see them.

They would not be able to identify these members. It is not known how the Klan members came up with their white conical shape costumes. It is only believed that they wore these costumes so that people could not identify them and they would not get in trouble with the law.

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It seems that in the past the KKK members protested and conducted violence on people who are not their race. They would harm, kill and harass these people. For the most part it seems they did not get caught by the police because there was not enough evidence to prove their guilt. They would hide behind their sheets so that they would not get in trouble with the law.

Today the modern KKK members seem to be protesting the same things except they have expanded their hatred toward all other races than the white race. They’re also against anyone who favors the people they’re against. It is best to stay away from these groups who show violence towards others and help others who are victims of this group.

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Many different clubs or group especially those that are associated with violence wear a costume like the KKK. They wear a coned-shaped white hat and then it covers their face. They also wear a long white robe. That is not to say that all groups that wear burqas or other costume are violent. Some groups of people wear a piece of clothing due to their religion or for other reasons. The KKK is against all religious groups that are not associated with their own.

Likewise, they are also against people of different races as well. The KKK doesn’t see themselves as wearing burqas and they are wearing them for different reasons than those who do wear burqas. Burqas are usually worn for religious reasons.

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There are many different people in this world. Some are homosexuals and some are heterosexuals. There are also transgender and some people do not like to label themselves based on their sexual identity or sexual preference. Therefore, no one can really determine if everyone in the world is really a homosexual and that they're just in a closet.

Even your good friends may be homosexuals or heterosexual but it is hard to determine what their sexual orientation is. It is really nobody’s business. To be labeled as closeted means that someone has not openly expressed who they are based usually on their sexual orientation and so they are considered to be in the closet. When the time is right, that person will come out of the closet.

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The KKK is a cult-like organization that has been around for many years. They are very prejudice against races that are not white. This group usually dresses up in white sheets and has a pointed hat on top of their heads. Sometimes they will burn crosses in yards and in the past and possibly today they commit violence against races that are not their own.

The group allows members to join based on their beliefs that they are trying to make or do away with people who are not their own race. Therefore, usually the KKK do not accept members that are not white. The letters KKK stand for Ku Klux Klan. However each group decides who was allowed to join and they may not realize who has joined their group.

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The KKK has been around for many years and it is sometimes believed that some political officials are associated with this group. Some have admitted to it and usually they’re not voted to the office while seeking election. Others deny their involvement and association. No one knows for sure, if they are part of this group.

However, especially in the past it is believed that political figures have been directly associated with the KKK. Today political figures are more discreet about their affiliations with certain clubs and groups and so it is difficult to provide evidence that these candidates are associated with KKK. Since the KKK usually does not keep paperwork because they’re really a secret society it is hard to prove who is in that club.

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There’s not enough money in the world to join a group like the KKK because of what they stand for. Money is not the issue here. The main issue for joining a group is about what they stand for. You should never join a group or club unless you feel that you strongly support their issues. Then you will continue supporting the club and you would not feel bad for spending your time at this club. Usually, clubs like the KKK do not pay their members.

Actually, the members usually pay the club to keep the club going. Most clubs run on dues that the members pay each month or year in order to belong to the club. When someone stops paying, then they are kicked out of the club.

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No, race supremacy should not exist because all races should be treated equally. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like that occurs in the world today. Some people feel that their race is more important than other races. Also, it seems that when a crime takes place, then people may associate this crime with a race. Then people are scared of that race or feel that any member of that race will commit that crime.

That is not true. Everyone should be responsible for their own actions. No one should be grouped together and then a stigma placed with that group. However, race supremacy is not new. It has been going on throughout history and may be the main cause of many wars.

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The KKK is known for its violence in the South against people who are not of the white race. There are other states throughout the United States that are still considered to be states that have the KKK in them. Many of them are in the South, but not all of them. Some of these states include Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, and Mississippi. These states are all located in the South.

However, there are some non-southern states with KKK groups in them and these are Maryland, Illinois, Michigan and Maine. The state with the highest number of Klan groups is Mississippi. This is a poor state and has about five KKK groups in them. This is because of its location and history of having KKK in them.

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