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S. Barnes

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Children are lovely and adorable creatures, but at the same time, they can be so funny with their actions. While some are naturally gentle, some are very troublesome and naughty. At times, no matter how strict you are to them, you will always be surprised at the level of mischief they are capable of causing.

However, children can easily yield to any instruction if you adopt the right method. To handle mischievous kids, you need to adopt some steps. First, start by giving your kids some rules to follow. These rules should not be too hard to follow. This should contain things or behaviors you no longer want from them. Second. Let them know that to every action there is a corresponding consequence. Let them know that whoever fails to obey any of the law risks punishment.

The idea is not to punish them but to scare them from causing mischiefs. At times, you can reward them if you notice they are changing. Finally, don't let your children get bored around you. When this happens, they will always want to entertain themselves with anything.

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7:00 so the child could be early and be active in the morning

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I really think it was George just because I like his name it's nerdy

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Grow up at night stay the same age I’m not sure

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Im not sure about that, maybe grow overnight for fun

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