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Mugi was the one who composed the music. Mio wrote a lot of the lyrics, but not even all of them.

1 Answer

This question is so badly worded, it's literally impossible to digest what it's asking. One can only get this right by looking at the key words (ritsu, pillow, advisor, hit).

I think this question was trying to ask:

In what episode does Ritsu hit their Light Music Club advisor with a pillow?

1 Answer

Can you please stop giving "??????" as an option? Literally anyone with an IQ above -2 will not choose that, it's wasted space that could be use for another option to make the choices harder.

1 Answer

"Why doesn't Mio play the bass..." BUT SHE DOES??!!!! WHY IS THIS SO BADLY WORDED?????

This is not even a bad question, but fix it!

Why does Mio chooses to play bass instead of guitar?


1 Answer

Badly worded question. They did not think of the band name. And none of the answers actually tells us why the name was chosen. The question should either be:

Who thought of the band name Hokago Tea Time?

In which case the answer would be Sawako (or their advisor), or

Why was the band name Hokago Tea Time chosen?

Where the answer should be "because the club drinks tea after school"

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