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Italy Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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There were 39 states in the German Confederation before the Unification of Germany

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The correct answer is option C
Mona Lisa was painted by Lionardo di ser Piero da Vinci, commonly know as Leonardo da Vinci. Born in Italy on 15th April 1452 out of wedlock, died 2nd May 1519 (aged 67), whose area of interest included invention, drawing paintings, sculpting, music,...
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Italy is a sovereign state in Europe. It is located at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Italy has historically been home to many different cultures. Italy is home to more World Heritage Sites than any other nation in the world. These sites are culturally essential and valued. Italy has the...Read More

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The capital of Marche is Ancona, Toscana is a region itself

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The collapse of the Christian Democratic party left Andreotti susceptible to prosecution on innumerable counts of corruption. In 1995, Andreotti was indicted for selling political favors to the mafia. This resulted in a massively notorious "trial of the century," which ended in Andreotti's'...Read More

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