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Wyatt Williams

Isn't it 0? You start with 1, move to 2 and move back down to 0?
It comes as a result of the speed of light being 3 x 10^8.
einstein fucked your mum

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Answer most probably might be...Read More

4 Answers

Who ever made this is stupid as crap!!!! Do y'all understand??!!

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The president of the United States is DonaldTrump since January 21st

3 Answers

We actually use more of our brain than 10%. But the "10 percent myth" is when scientists said we onlyunderstand10% of it. So really, this question can...Read More

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It is 4 leters in the number four. it the word, 3. three was not an option

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I put amuse and it was wrong. WHY?! I was so mad because I didn't spell it wrong.

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ANSWER= 513.





Thus, ?=1293+(129-3)=487+126=513...

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The following are the differences between a Blood clot and Miscarriage: a. Blood clots are the thick and sticky lumps of dried blood while Miscarriage is a disturbed pregnancy that ends before the fetus can survive outside the uterus (that is, before the 20th gestational week). b. Almost every...Read More

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You tards, its all, go back to the asylum

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