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Internet Slang Questions and Answers (Q&A)

LMK is the acronym for Let Me Know. It is amazing the rate at which internet slangs, phrases and acronyms have taken over social media. There's no way you can figure out many of those slangs unless you already have an idea. LMK is one of those acronyms.

It is mostly used by people who are curious to know certain things. For example, someone might be pestering you to let him or her know about some things you have obviously been acting reluctant about because you don't want to divulge the secret. At this point you might be getting something like LMK repeatedly from the person, it means he wants to know the secret at all cost.

This type of acronym can only be used on the internet as it won't make any sense if someone decides to be saying it in the real life. However, don't be surprised if you see an acronym standing for different things.

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There is no way you can know what BFN stands for unless you already heard it from somebody or saw it somewhere . The acronym BFN means Bye For Now. I'm pretty sure you have been using the expression for so long without knowing you can simply type BFN and the recipient would know exactly what you mean. The acronym is very simple in terms of its meaning and how it is used. People use it mostly when chatting.

It is often used to let someone we have been chatting with know we would be going offline to attend to some things. So when you see BFN, the recipient will know you are going offline and it will stop any thought that you really don't care about them and it will inform them about how precious they are to you for you to tell them you would be going offline, of course many won't bother to say that.

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When you see people using BTW on social media, it means By The Way. In the past I used to think BTW is the short form of 'Between' but I was wrong but recently I got the right meaning. 'By The Way' is used when people want to add more information that is crucial to a topic being discussed.

For example, you may be discussing something that has to do with your upcoming party and you have done so well by analyzing how the event would go but you suddenly remember you have not talked about what people we eat at the program. You can simply add that simply this way, BTW we would be enjoying ourselves with different types of food and drink at the party.

You don't say BTW in the real world because people might find it difficult to understand but when you use it while chatting, it will really make sense.

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TYVM is the acronym for Thank You Very Much. TYVM is used to appreciate people for the good thing they have done for us. One of the benefits of associating with people is the good things we get in return most especially when we least expect them. At times we tend not to know the exact word or way through which we can reciprocate good things from people.

The acronym TYVM is a perfect word for such occasion. When you use TYVM, it shows you really value the good things you have received from people. The full form is often used in the real world while people use the acronym when chatting online. I always feel nothing should stop us from writing the acronym in full, it shows we deeply appreciate the good gestures of people toward us. This type of acronym can only be used while chatting via any messaging app.

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There are so many acronyms, slangs online, getting to know all of them be extremely difficult, but knowing the popular ones might savage the situation. One of those popular acronyms is JK, which simply means Just Kidding. JK is a very common slang on social media, people use it when chatting with their friends. 'Just kidding' means you are not serious what whatever you said that probably did not go well with the recipient.

You know, some people are good at teasing or telling some craps about you even in your face, so to let you know that they don't mean what they are saying they will use JK which means 'I'm just kidding'. People use JK at the end of a sentence, so that they would have achieved what they wanted before you realize they were just kidding.

For example, someone might decide to say, ''why do you look so unkempt this morning......Jk''. The person includes JK to let you know he's not serious about the comment

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IDC is the acronym for I Don't Care. It is very hard to really say exactly what this stands for. This is because the acronym can be used in different ways. Whatever meaning you give to the acronym IDC actually depends solely on how it is used in a sentence. IDC can be used to show that you are no longer bothered about people's opinions about you. For example you can say, I Don't Care about what people are saying about my dressing.

It is used to show that you no longer have concerns about some things or people. For example you can say: I Don't Care whether you are sacked or not. There are different ways people use the acronym on social media. One particular thing ladies complain about in a relationship is that, they are getting less attention from their boyfriends and that they don't care about them anymore.

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There are a lot of acronyms and abbreviations on social media that one just needs to know them, if not you might feel so bad when it is used for you and you helplessly don't know the meaning. An example is OFC, the acronym means 'Of Course'. It is used as a confirmation to what has been said or something that we can use to validate any agreement we have made with someone.

For instance, you might choose to say: 'Of course I'm going to the party with you'. The statement has reassured the second person that he would be going to a party with someone. The acronym is widely used on social media probably because of the ease at which it can be typed. It is also used to correct people's opinion when they are doubting your knowledge about a particular thing.

For example, people might think you don't know the president of United States, you can simply answer them by saying, 'Of course I know is Donald Trump'.

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Chances are you would be left confused if an acronym like YOLO is used for you. You might even think the acronym is a name for a drink. But what does YOLO actually mean. It means You Only Live Once. The acronym is used to tell people and to raise their consciousness as to the fact that they only have one life to live and as such they should make maximum use of it.

When you see someone depriving herself of some certain lifestyles, you can use the acronym YOLO to let him or her know there's only one privilege for people to enjoy this life. Meaning if you don't enjoy this life while you can, you might not get the chance to enjoy it anymore.

It can also be used to reawake someone who has not been so serious with his or her life, you use YOLO to let him or her know the importance of living a worthy life because there's only one chance to be in the world

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The social media is filled with a lot of abbreviations and we will do ourselves a lot of good if we could at least have a knowledge of some of those abbreviations. One of those abbreviations is ILY. Naturally if you are seeing this for the first time, adding a meaning to it might be very difficult. The acronym 'ILY' means I Love You. People use the acronym to express their feelings and how much you mean the whole world to them.

This is often used when chatting as it does not really make sense to be saying in the real life, we would rather prefer pronouncing the full form. When someone text this to you, you should be proud of yourself that someone out there is getting emotionally attached to you. However, some people only use the abbreviation for you because you have done something good for them and not because they are having feelings for you.

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If you use social media alot, chances are you would have come in contact with a lot of internet slangs, with luck, you were able to interpret some of them and some seemed unclear to you. IHY is a perfect example of internet slang. The acronym means I Hate You. Many People while chatting tend to discuss about a lot of things. And for everything you are talking about with them, you get an appropriate response.

Sometimes when someone talks silly things to you while chatting, you can use the acronym IHY which means I Hate You as a response. Never think the person actually hates you if something like that is used for you. Even many use when they love you. But there are still cases when people use the acronym IHY because they truly hate you. The acronym is mostly used alone as a response to a message.

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