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Internet Piracy Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Yes, piracy is illegal on YouTube. YouTube strives to meet high standards and has strict policies against piracy. YouTube has some tips on their website about to avoid infringement of copyright laws and you can submit a webform if you suspect there is a video posted that infringes on copyright laws.

YouTube also has links to help you learn about copyright laws, content ID, and more. YouTube takes copyright laws and piracy very seriously, as their reputation is at stake if they do not.

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Vpns are private networks that provide an internet user the opportunity to browse without their IP address. Vpns is the acronym for virtual private networks and help the user surf internet anonymously. It provides internet users and even pirates the chance to log in to some sites they have been banned from entering, this will hide their identity.

People now use virtual private networks to bypass government, law and other types of internet restriction. This indeed has greatly increased the activities of internet pirates as they can easily log in to site with their identity unknown.

For instance the Russian government has announced that they have made a law that will restrict the activities of internet piracy and this has led to the death of hundreds of thousands of websites that specialize in sharing and reproducing copyrighted material. Some people are still visiting pirate sites because they could get their identity encrypted using Virtual private networks

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Internet piracy is simply an illegal way of sharing and reproducing website contents without being authorized by the rightful owner of such content. This is mostly done through downloading or copying of copyrighted and licensed materials. To understand this better, internet piracy is just like going to a supermarket to steal foodstuffs which is illegal because you didn't put it there and you didn't pay for it. Another word which can be used for internet piracy is copyright infringement.

Copyright is a legal privilege which allows and grants the owner of an original work the exclusive right to dictate and determine various conditions in which the work may be used by others. Copyright can also be seen as a form of protection which prevents an original work from being used by anybody without the consent of the creator. The problem of internet piracy would not have been in existence if there is nothing like copyright.

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Internet piracy act of reproducing and distributing copyrighted material. It is illegal because it is copyright infringement. Copyright is the legal right for being a creator of a piece of information. It gives you the right to decide under various conditions you want your work be reproduced or used by anybody else.

If anyone reproduces or distributes any copyrighted material without being authorized by the creator of such material, it has become copyright infringement which means you have infringed on his right to be only custodian of whatever benefits on such material.

Copyright infringement is illegal act which is punishable under the law. While many believe internet piracy is an illegal act, some people are of another opinion, saying since the file copied either information or music does not totally remove the copyrighted material, it shouldn't be considered as theft, instead it only copies the material and the copyrighted material can be found again on the internet

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The increasing rate of internet piracy is so alarming, this is partly due to the ease at which a lot of copyrighted stuffs can be gotten on internet even at the detriment of the creator, so much that some countries have developed ways to restrict all internet users in their countries not to partake in internet piracy.

While some countries are making every move to curb the increasing rate of internet piracy, some do not try to restrict internet piracy. Based on statistics, it is revealed that Europe can be regarded as the headquarter of piracy.

The internet piracy rate in most of European countries is quite high. This is as a result of availability of piracy sites that people can just visit and copy whatever data they need. Countries like Latvia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, spain, Israel and even United States of America are into internet piracy at the highest level

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Internet piracy is the term used to describe copyright infringement. This is a serious crime to commit and it attracts a high level of punishment in the eyes of the law. Internet piracy is not necessarily a tool for free internet, accessing internet is free already and people are getting free stuffs to copy even without the consent of the creator because many still consider it not to be theft, but their explanation is only based on what they perceive or think internet piracy is and not what the law see it to be.

Ordinarily piracy is a word which describes illegal activities because right of the owner of such content is being infringed upon. It all depends on the owner of the contents whether to make it free or not. Of course as a result of internet piracy many sites are now giving out free download for copy for people to get. Internet piracy can only make everything about internet free illegally

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The activities of pirates have increased over the years especially when it comes to internet piracy. Also the growing rate of torrent websites for piracy is one major contributor which has the increasing rate of internet piracy. There are some torrent sites today where you can get and stream pirated movies. While some countries have taken serious action against many by closing them, some are still intact and running.

Examples are;
YTS.AM- this torrent site is currently the best and it is most times referred as the successor of the defunct YTS or YIFY. The site is best known for re-branding of third party release of popular movies
1337x- this is another torrent site, it has been useful for many people since its creation, and it has groups of movie uploaders which provides fresh contents
The Pirate Bay- this site is considered to be the oldest of all torrent site. It turned 15-years old last year.
Other torrent site are RARBG, TORRENTZ2 and LIMETORRENTS

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Internet piracy is more like a norm today among most internet users. The ease at which data like e-books, music and movies can be found on the internet is part of the reason internet piracy and pirate’s sites are on the rise. Though many see it a crime because it’s an illegal act of copyright infringement. There are so hundreds of thousands of pirate sites also known as torrent sites. Here you will see the list of most famous and popular websites that are responsible for internet piracy.

The Pirate Bay- this torrent site is arguably the largest and the oldest pirate’s site, last year it turned 15 years old. The Pirate Bay has a sizeable number of pirates who upload contents into their website.

RARBG- this site founded in 2008 and is being used by many video pirates, because they release quality video for people to download
1337x- this is another torrent site, the site has gained a lot of traffic, this is partly due to the fact it has some dedicated files uploaders.
Other popular pirate sites are YTS.AM, TORRENTZ2 , EZTV. AG and many others

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When people talk about internet piracy, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether downloading torrent is legal or not. Torrents are set of files that act as a key to download the actual content. For example when you want to download using torrent file, you will need to download the torrent file with the extension .torrent and after that use software like BitTorrent to open the file. People use torrent files when the desired file is not available for free.

By the above explanation, you will see that torrents are illegal because most torrent files are someone else's works which are not available for free, that is why you couldn't get it for free. Using torrent files is as using a copyrighted material, those torrent pirates get their files through illegal means and as a result infringing on the right of the originator of the actual files. Torrents are nothing but illegal

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Internet piracy is an unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material. The act is an infringement on the right of the originator of a piece of information or data like music, e-books, and videos. Internet piracy in the United States of America is considered as a crime because there are copyright laws that give the creator of any internet material the right to decide how he wants his material to be used.

So anyone infringing on that right is seen as a criminal, and it is an act punishable under the law. Many still think internet piracy is never a crime. But with the simple fact that the file you copied isn't yours has already made it a crime. The United States of America is very ruthless on anyone caught engaging in piracy. There are many laws already made to restrict people from internet piracy likewise there are hundreds of thousands of pirate websites which have been closed by the United States

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