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Internet Piracy Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Pirated papers are downloaded by everyone today. This is because they happen to be quite expensive and hence, students especially those in their higher studies end up download pirated papers to avoid paying the high costs. This is also because organizations such as Wiley, Pearson, RELX Group have high profits that which they make by charging a high amount of fees.

Most university students are not able to afford these papers due to which they have to resort to piracy (primarily to survive their education). This is perhaps one of the major concerns that which the global education sector faces today.

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I find it hard to believe that anyone would even try to justify downloading other peoples’ music, movies, games, books, etc. But apparently there are lots of people who try. Several common reasons are they don’t want to pay for the content because they think they are entitled to it for free, or because they want to have it and they can’t afford to pay for it. They may also think the company has already made enough money and so they don’t need to make more.

Another common reason is that some companies and artists intentionally delay or restrict the areas where their products are released so people don’t want to wait for the products to become available in their area. Also, some people justify their actions by believing it’s okay because they only want to watch or listen once, not over and over again.

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The most popular torrent site of 2018 is Pirate Bay. I would say that no torrent site is completely safe but Pirate Bay is probably the safest out there right now. However it is also notorious as a torrent site so there may be people watching it with the intention of shutting it down. It seems that every torrent site that gets popular eventually gets shut down.

Another site you might consider for video torrent is RARBG. RARBG is well known for quality videos but I am not sure how safe it is. One more well established site is Limetorrents. Like Pirate Bay, it has been around for awhile so there may be people watching it closely.

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You can be prosecuted for piracy and many people have already been prosecuted for this. The more content you upload and download the more likely it will be that you are caught and charged. You draw more attention to yourself when you upload and download lots of data and because those who are searching for pirates want to prevent it they will go after the biggest offenders first.

As piracy becomes less common, even people who upload and download smaller amounts of content may be caught and charged. It is risky no matter how much content you are uploading and downloading.

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The Pirate Bay is a peer to peer file sharing network. Peer to peer file sharing itself is not illegal if you are sharing content that is either not copyrighted, free, public, or if you are legitimately backing up files that you already own. The problem is that most people who use peer to peer file sharing are not sharing content that is legal to share.

This has led to many lawsuits, fines, jail time, and shutting down of many torrent websites. There are legal ways to download content from the Pirate Bay but just make sure that whatever you are downloading is legal.

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The Business Software Alliance, or BSA, is also known as The Software Alliance. This organization is a trade group initial established by Microsoft Coorporation in 1988. It is now based in Washington D.C. and has offices in over 60 countries. The BSA is a software piracy watchdog and also advocates for intellectual property rights for tech companies around the world.

The BSA boast some impressive members but they also advocate for smaller tech companies involved in software development. The BSA is not a government group.

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I do not think that Hollywood, or other industries that are victims of internet piracy, have accepted piracy as an inevitable way of life. There are organizations dedicated to finding and prosecuting internet pirates. There are other tactics that Hollywood is using to combat internet pirates as well.

Online streaming is a great alternative to buying files and bypasses the issue of piracy because people who pay for streaming do not download or upload files on the internet. This allows artists to still get paid for their art and allows users to view movies or listen to music on demand if they have access to WiFi, which is becoming more ubiquitous .

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To stop online piracy on an individual level, there are a few things you can do. First, it is important to make sure your movies or videos are protected by copyright. Second, if you work with larger movie corporations, they can offer some protection by making files inaccessible if they are not acquired legally.

I am not aware of any other technical adjustments you can make to your files to protect them from pirates. If your movie is online, it can be pirated. There are low tech options, such as filming a movie in a theater, they are almost impossible to stop completely. There are also laws being put forth to prevent online piracy .

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It depends on how you are watching the movies online for free. There are some movies that are freely available to watch online. It would not be illegal, for example, to watch a movie that is being promoted as free to watch. There are some websites that offer free movies that are uploaded illegally. It would be against the law the watch a movie online that was uploaded illegally, however the bigger crime is the uploading of the illegal movie in the first place.

Some sights are obviously uploading content illegally For example, if the movie was obviously filmed in a movie theater, that would be illegal.

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If you are using a pirated version of Windows, the activation key will probably work but it is an easy target for malware. If you really want to protect your passwords and accounts, you should do a full wipe and reinstall with a clean version of Windows.

Microsoft may not be able to tell if you are using a pirated version of Windows, but being discovered by Microsoft is the least of your problems if you are using a pirated version of Windows. I would not recommend using pirated Windows.

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