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Internet Piracy Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Any time a person takes something that does not belong to them without paying, I think it is wrong. The people who publish works of art online put a lot of work into their art. Whether it is music, videos, books, or some other work, it is wrong to take it without paying for it. In today’s society it is nearly impossible to create and sell art without somehow using the internet.

This puts artists at risk but it is necessary for them to be successful at the same time. Some may think online piracy is a victimless crime but the real victims are the people who are not getting paid for their work.

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You should buy games instead of pirating them because it is the right thing to do. The people who created the games puta lot of work into the process and they deserve to be paid for their work. Also, if you are not motivated by doing the right thing, there are ways you can get caught if you pirate games online. There are some significant fines based on the amount of content that you steal.

You may find that it is not worth the risk to pirate games and instead just pay the upfront cost so you can sleep better at night without worrying about you was hurt by your piracy and whether you will get caught.

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Napster was found to be guilty of illegal activity because people were downloading content to store on their computer. Similar but torrent website operate in the same way and many of these are being found guilty of infringing on copyright laws as well. Spotify does not allow users to download content.the content available on Spotify is available only through streaming service, so the files are not able to be stored on the computer.

Spotify charges a fee to users and charges advertisers, so they are able to pay artists for the use of their content. Streaming services are not illegal because artists still get paid, whereas Napster was violating copyright laws.

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I assume you are referring to Adobe Acrobat, because Adobe also makes Photoshop. Adobe is moving towards a cloud-based subscription model, like many other software companies, because it reduces the risk of piracy. The cloud-based subscription model allows users to pay a small fee each month, rather than a large sum up front, to use the software.

Now that they have been using this model for several years, Adobe is seeing a decrease in piracy and in increase in paid subscriptions.

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There is no court in the internet to judges cases of piracy or electronic fraud. Any illegal activity conducted online, including piracy or other electronic fraud, would be prosecuted through the channels of the government of the country in which the user is located.

It can be difficult to prosecute someone who lives in another country but commits an illegal act against someone in another country. The country of the criminal would need to press charges, but that is unlikely if the victim lives in another country.

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Piracy hurts all kinds of industries from music, movies, books, anime, gaming, and others. The more piracy takes away from artists the less likely artists will be to stick with it. When artists can not afford to pay their bills because their work is being stolen, they might be forced to give it up. We then lose out on potentially great artists. The good news for anime is that many people still like to have hard copies of the art, which cannot be pirated online.

Also, as streaming services become more popular, piracy of all kinds is decreasing. With less music pirates out there more resources are available to go after pirates of anime and other art forms.

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There are various copyright laws based on the type of content you want to copyright. The first step would be to visit to learn about the types of copyright laws and which law and process is right for you. Some things are protected by copyright laws as soon as they are in tangible form. If you believe you have a case against someone that has violated your copyright, you can contact the government copyright office.

It is easier to prove you created something before someone else if you register your content. You can do this online or through the mail.

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Internet piracy is the unauthorized duplication and distribution of copyrighted material. There have been calls by some people to make piracy a legal thing. Some argue that piracy is not the same as theft or stealing. They are of the opinion that any copied copyrighted doesn't totally remove the material. It's just sharing and not stealing.

They believe whoever that does not want his material to be pirated should not consider pasting it on internet but instead do the hard-copy for people to buy. Making piracy legal will allow some people who are less privilege to earn a living.

Also if we critically examine the issue, people have been sharing music, movies and other media materials before the advent of internet, just that internet has made it more faster and that is why some freely give out materials like Pdf, music and movies on the internet today because they don't see any harm in piracy

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Internet piracy is something that has been debated upon many times. Some people see it as an illegal because the pirate is reproducing or copying data without any authorization from creator of such data. Other people see internet piracy as something legal with the explanation that the copied material can always be found on the internet. Most people support internet piracy because they don't want to pay for it, many people indulge in internet piracy because getting data like music, Pdf and movies is one of the easiest things to do.

Also they support it because they can't afford those to be copied if money were placed on them. Some people justify their support for internet piracy by saying the creator has enough money and he wouldn't be harmed if his works are pirated, while some don't even know what they are doing is internet piracy, they might have seen their friends doing it and feel it is probably something good.

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When people talk about internet piracy, they tend not to see it as an illegal act not just because the crime is something not big but because they are deriving some benefits from it as internet users. The effects can only be felt by the originator of such content either music or movies, this is because his right as the only person who can decide about what happens on his website contents is being infringed upon, that's why the illegal act is also called copyright infringement.

There are so many ways contents on internet are being pirated. For example, some people make pirate copies of new video release by videotaping the screen inside the movie theater, after this they go and burn it in their own DvD and start selling it to the public. These type of activity is common on torrent. Many will go to the internet and get blog posts written by some authors and copy it directly into their websites.

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