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International Politics Questions and Answers (Q&A)

C. A situation where two powerful states , or group of states, are equal in power.

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The first thinker to relate ethics to political order.the founder of ethical politics

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States are the most important actors for the realist theory.

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The major law of state by which the fundamental riht and duties of citizens are adressed.the document of law through which other law are the core,the laws under which country is ruled.

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Belonging with some political party.nepal is not concerned in international politics

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The answer to this is D. This type of theory extends from the other more modern theories such as psychoanalysis, existentialism, and critical theory. The theory states that the current type of economy that we have right now makes it possible for the business owners to prosper and become richer while the workers become even poorer even though they are working so hard.

If you come to think of it, there is some truth in this. The type of system that we have right now stresses the fact that people should have high job titles in order to earn a lot of money. Those who are working the hardest also get the least amount of income.

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