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Intel Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Pentium and Celeron are two examples of processors from Intel. While both are created to offer effective performance based on their respective budget-friendly prices, there are some differences between them. Intel Pentium is a higher version of x86 microprocessors. It was produced in 1992. Celeron, on the other hand, is a lower version of Intel Pentium. It is designed specifically to work on PCs that can be afforded by low-budget buyers.

The Pentium III of the Pentium processor has a cache memory of about 512kb, while the cache memory in the Celeron processor is 128kb. The clock speed of the fastest product in the Pentium family is 3.8 GHz, while the clock speed of the fastest product in the Celeron line is 2.8 GHz since their chips are made very similar to Pentium II and III. Intel Celeron can only be used on the motherboard that has a 66 MHz system bus. Pentium processor works perfectly on the motherboard with a system bus of 133MHz.

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AMD and Intel are both processors that you can find in different personal computers. AMD is known to be a more affordable option. A lot of the computers that are made with AMD are more budget-friendly. Yet, some people are saying that Intel can always give a better performance as compared to AMD. You can expect that the processes and the applications can be accessed easier and faster.

There are instances when AMD will be able to provide better graphics as compared to Intel. It will depend on the graphic card that will be paired with it. This explains why some people would like to build their PCs from scratch. They want to personalize the performance that they will get.

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