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Insurance Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Business is a thing almost everyone is involved in one way or the other. But businesses vary in levels and sizes. Some businesses are on a subsistence basis while some others can be on a commercial basis in such a way that they even did on an international or intercontinental level. When it comes to this level of business and probably with huge products to be transported, then shipment is an important part of transporting the merchandise from one place to another. When it comes to the shipment of products like this, billing is also something that needs to be dealt with.

On the bill of shipment, there are two notes that are most likely to appear on the bill. "CIF" appearing on a bill of lading simply stands for cost insurance and freight. This indicates that the bill includes the price for the transported products, the insurance fee, and the payment for the shipment. On the other hand, FOB appearing on a bill stands for "free on board," which simply means that the producer of the transited product takes responsibility for the products and it is contained in the price quoted to the buyer.

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Some people use insurance agent and broker interchangeably probably because both professions will have the ability to sell insurance. The main difference between the two is to whom they work for. When you say an insurance agent, this means that the agent is under one company. The agent will handle projects and policies that are only related to the company that they are working for.

They will not be allowed to sell policies of the competitors. Insurance brokers can be associated with different companies and even to individual sellers. This means that they will be able to offer more insurance types and policies if in case you are searching for the right insurance to get.

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What is: Insurance that pays for the cost of injuries to people involved in an accident and protects the insured against financial loss from lawsuits and other legal expenses incurred as a result of an accident. There are two limits: the maximum that will be paid to any one person and the maximum for each accident.

Bodily Insurance Liability

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A misrepresentation is a false statement

and a concealment is that you said the material fact but didnt say the whole truth

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Trumpcare is only named as such because this was built in contrast to the healthcare provided during Obama’s time as president. The actual name of Trumpcare is American Health Care Act. Obamacare is the Affordable Care Act. One difference is that ACA will require different insurance companies to provide the 10 types of healthcare that may be needed by different people.

AHCA will allow the insurance companies in different states to decide the type of healthcare that they want to offer. If they believe that they do not want to provide maternity health insurance, then this is possible. The AHCA will also charge you more if you get insurance while having a pre-existing condition.

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The correct answer to this question is B, a closed panel. HMO stands for health maitenance organization and is found in the United States. This closed panel is when doctors or other staff of the HMO belong to a group of doctors it contracts with.

Those insured must choose a doctor who has control of the staff both in and out of the group. Those who go out of the network in a closed panel are normally not reimbursed. Closed panels are beneficial to existing providers on the network, because it can give them more referrals. However, for the patients, closed panels can mean longer wait times and a longer distance to the doctor.

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What do this specific numbers mean for a insured person?

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