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They shouldn't! This is because the item can then grow microorganisms, which will defer the purpose of any cleaning, decontamination and sterilization processes.

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S. Barnes

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Guitar amps modify the tone by accentuating or de-emphasizing the frequency of sound waves and infusing the electronic effects. Bass amplifiers produce a bass response and tone controls the stylist bass guitars. The high-end model bass amps include limited compressor features to keep the...Read More

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Picatinny and weaver are first used in firearms as mounting platforms. These rails are used for several accessories like laser aiming devices, reflex sights, bipods, night vision, bayonets, tactical lights, and foregrips. These two rails might have their common uses, though, but they have...Read More

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R. Jones

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EPF and CPF are known to be provident funds. These are given to people who are employed in India and Malaysia. EPF means the Employees Provident Fund. A certain portion of this can be used for the medical bills of the employee and even for housing but a certain percentage of this can only be...Read More

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My Answeris brass family

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