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Insomnia Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Occasional sleepless nights are not harmful to you. However, insomnia is a sleep disorder which disturbs the sleeping habit of people during the night. And in the daytime, the person feels tired or fatigues. If someone is suffering from insomnia, he/she always (on a regular basis) faces problems while sleeping. One of the latest reports tells that about 40 million Americans experience insomnia every year. It is a proven fact that insomnia is one of the major sleep disorder in the United States.

Sometimes, a person might face issues while sleeping (sleeplessness) due to anxiety, stress, and their personal or professional issues. It lasts for a few days but this sleeplessness vanishes on its own without any medication or doctor’s concern. Normally, this is called acute insomnia. Insomnia comes in two forms: acute and chronic.

Chronic insomnia is slightly different from acute insomnia. When you face sleeplessness thrice in a week for at least three months, you might be experiencing serious insomnia. At that time, you need to go for medical intervention. However, it is also difficult to distinguish between acute and chronic insomnia.

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Before diving into the various symptoms of insomnia, it is very important to know what the term 'insomnia' actually means. Insomnia simply means a sleeping disorder that is characterized with the inability to fall asleep, feeling of uneasiness while sleeping and the condition whereby you find it difficult to sleep again once you wake up too early. It is important to know the different causes of insomnia so we can be sure if we are actually facing a similar problem.

The negative effects of not being able to have a normal length of sleep can result in so many medical conditions. For example, insomnia can seriously affect your performances in every area of your life; you might be finding it difficult to concentrate on major things. The various symptoms of insomnia include; not being able to have a good length of sleep, inability to fall asleep in the night, waking up too early, it can also result in depression and anxiety

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One of the most common experiences of women during their pregnancy period is the inability to get enough sleep, especially in the night. At times they tend to have difficulty in falling asleep very early; some may even end up not having a good length of sleep. This condition is known as Insomnia, and there are so many things that can cause this, especially in women during their pregnancy period.

First of all, Insomnia during pregnancy can be caused by hormonal changes; it can also be as a result of pain generated due to the activities of the fetus or the due increased size of the abdomen. Most women usually complain about back pain during their pregnancy period; this can also be felt in the night and thereby lead to their inability to have a good sleep. Frequency urination can also cause this. Also, a pregnant woman can experience Insomnia if she has been having a problem before getting pregnant.

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One of the most common problems being faced by pregnant women is insomnia. This is a sleep disorder in which you are unable to fall asleep or stay asleep in the night. A lot of factors can be responsible for this problem, and its effect on the daily performance or functionality of an individual cannot be trivialized. However, the good thing is that pregnant women can adopt some basic measures that will help them to manage insomnia and sleep better during their pregnancy period.

First of all, it has been discovered that most pregnant women experience insomnia because of a particular sleeping position they are used to, in this case, trying new sleeping positions will be needed so as to know the one that's best for you. Messaging your body and having a warm bath prior bedtime can also help you to have a good sleep. Another thing is that pregnant women should try to be exercising their body regularly during daytime.

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When you look at the various effects and symptoms of insomnia, going for the best treatment to cure it is the nicest decision a person suffering from it can make. Difficulty to fall asleep or stay asleep, or waking up too often during the night can affect other areas of human performance. However, sleep problems in some people can be cured without necessarily going for any treatment. You can overcome insomnia by changing some lifestyles that are causing it.

Too much of stress through a series of activities we engage ourselves in during the day can cause insomnia, by reducing our stress level we can effectively cure insomnia. Exercising one's body can also cure insomnia. However, the most recommended treatment of insomnia when the above does not work is through cognitive behavioral therapy. This has to do with the elimination of negative actions and thoughts that are causing insomnia in people.

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Insomnia simply refers to a sleep disorder in which an individual finds it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. In some, one of the experiences is that they keep waking up too often during the night. The inability to have a good length of sleep can cause series of problems. It may lead to anxiety and depression, tiredness during daytime etc. Insomnia can be classified based on how frequent it is occurring. It can be classified as acute and chronic.

Acute insomnia is also known as short term, which means it occurs for just a limited period of time. A person having acute insomnia might experience this for just a day in a week and it might run for weeks. However, insomnia can be considered severe if it has become chronic. Chronic insomnia is when an individual is having sleepless night for three days in a week and it runs to at least three months.

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Insomnia can simply be defined as a sleep disorder in which an individual finds it difficult to sleep in the night, or when you constantly see yourself waking up in the night. And at times you might sleep very late in the night and end up waking up very early. This is actually a problem, and it is very dangerous to human health. The human body is designed in a way that we effortlessly find it easy to sleep in the night for many hours, but when a problem like insomnia is showing up one needs to be careful so that it won't affect other areas of his/her life.

Insomnia can be caused by a lot of things. Most of the time, we engage ourselves in a lot of activities during the day that we barely think of its repercussion on our body. Stress is actually one of the primary causes of insomnia. Insomnia is dangerous to our health because it can lead to problems like daytime tiredness, depression, anxiety, and many others.

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Insomnia, which is a sleep disorder that is usually characterized by difficulty to fall asleep and difficulty to stay asleep has been researched to be a genetic disorder. This is because there are different types of genes that control how much sleep one needs. Any disruption in their arrangement can also affect the way they function. Insomnia can radically affect the functionality of those genes, and this will definitely lead to a genetic disorder.

There are so many causes of insomnia, they are largely as a result of human activities especially during daytime. When you overworked yourself during the day, there is every tendency that you will experience a level difficulty in falling asleep. Also, when you sleep too much during the day, it may disrupt your sleeping pattern during the night. Various symptoms of insomnia include; sleepiness during daytime, anxiety and depression, difficulty to fall asleep and stay asleep

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Insomnia simply refers to a sleep problem which is largely characterized by the inability to fall asleep very early or the inability to stay very long in sleep. Insomnia is regarded as a condition which has the tendency to affect the healthy functioning of a man. Most women during the early stage of their pregnancy experience this a lot. This might not be unconnected to the fact that during the early stage of pregnancy in women, there are different causes of hormonal changes.

This factor is actually why most women experience insomnia during the early stage of their pregnancy. Women can also experience this inability to fall asleep or stay in sleep if they are already battling with the problem before they become pregnant. The effect of this on the proper functioning of the human body cannot be underestimated as it can lead to other problems like anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, etc.

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Apart from using different types of medications, insomnia can be cured naturally. To cure your inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, you will need to be ready to change some lifestyles and it will definitely demand a level of concentration and commitment from you. There are different ways to cure insomnia naturally. First of all, it has been researched that constant exercise can help cure insomnia. Engaging in any of the yoga activities can also cure insomnia. It can also be cured through light exposure.

Different researches have shown that when you expose your body to more light during the day, it increases the production of melatonin, and as a result it informs your body when to sleep as well as when to wake up. Also, insomnia can be cured naturally when you stop eating foods that cause insomnia. Foods that contain nicotine, caffeine and alcohol can cause insomnia but when you eat foods that aid sleep you will definitely experience some changes.

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