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Input Output Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The CPU is the central processing unit of the computer. It is the mastermind or the brain of the device. It contains the RAM, ROM, hard drive and a number of interlinked connections on the motherboard that processes all the information.

Hence, the CPU acts as the input, output, and storage of the computer. It receives the data in the form of a CD, a USB or via the monitor in text form. The CPU then processes all this information and stores the relevant information in order to serve its purpose. The output is then displayed on the monitor, in the form of text, images or video.

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CPu Is Faltu kyuuki hame nhi aata hai kuch ham bs pgl hai yuahi

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It ain't all of the above bro. Its just a input device boi.

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How come?? Shouldn't it be anything that can be taken out of the computer?

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When I list one of the three it counts it wrong

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I typed USB 2.0. You can see some USB ports under the dell logo.

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