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NRG and ISO are two popular types of formats which can be used in saving images of discs. Although they are used to perform a similar function, there are some differences between the two. First of all, NRG and ISO are created by different sources. NRG was developed by Nero, while ISO, which is a global standard that was created by ISO.

Another difference is that ISO is mostly used and it is supported by most software. NRG, on the other hand, does not support most software because of compatibility issues. Another thing is that newer versions of most operating systems come with ISO software, this gives you the chance to easily burn your ISO file into disc without necessarily looking for any other types of software. This is part of many advantages ISO has over NRG. However, NRG is used when you want to record audio tracks, whereas ISO cannot record discs with multiple tracks.

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RealImageand Virtual Image are two types of images. Terms like these are discussed inphysics. Optical images are formed when an object is reproduced through lenses like concave and convex lenses. Images that are reproduced can either be real or virtual. There are some differences between Real Image and virtual image. A real image is formed when the rays oflightare fixed to a point, and the image formed can be captured or projected on the screen.

Real images are formed by a converging lens or convex lens. An example of this is the image formed when you are using your projector. A virtual image, on the other hand, is formed when the rays of light diverge as they pass a concave or diverging lens. As a result of this, a virtual image cannot be captured or projected on the screen. Real images are always inverted, while virtual images are always upright.

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There is no big difference between JPG and JPEG. The two are the recognized extension for Joint Photographic Expert Group and they are more or less serving the same purpose. At a time when Windows only save files with three letter extension, JPG is the most accepted format for saving images on the computer because MS-DOS could only read and handle extension files of three characters.

But now you can save your files with JPEG and it will be recognized because the new sets of operating system can now read and handle extension files of four characters. The difference is just in the letter E omitted in JPG. A perfect illustration is what we see in the word Honor and Honor, the two words mean the same thing but there's is an absence of letter 'U' in Honor. And the reason for JPG or JPEG extension is so that there can be a reduction of file size for easier storage.

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