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The answer is B. In order to hit an application without hitting the web server, you would use the default host port on the application server. If this sounds confusing to you, let me break it down into simpler terms. Let us say that you received a new message on Facebook on your phone.

Instead of using the web browser to go to the Facebook website to open this message, you would simply use the Facebook application to avoid using the web server. If you have access to or own a telephone, chances are that you have performed this task several times even if you did not realize that is what you were doing.

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There are different types of JDBC drivers. The type 1 driver connects the ODBC driver to the database. Its role includes to convert into the ODBC function. There are several disadvantages to using this which are that it may be not as fast as the others, requires installation, and the equipment needed may not be available. The type 2 drive is called the Native-API driver and it converts to the database API.

An advantage of using this type includes that it might be faster than others. However, there is installation required as well as the driver is dependent on the platform. There are two other driver types. Overall, if you need to create a pool of connections that an application can use to interact with a database, then a JDBC provider is needed.

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Creating WebSphere cells and implementing horizontal scaling topology would require the use of federated nodes and creating cluster members across multiple machines. This means that the answer to this question is D. If you would like to create a cell profile in WebSphere, you will need a profile management tool for that. A cell profile is a combination of two different profiles.

The first is an application server profile and the second one is a deployment manager profile. You would need to create this when you would like to test a new software. This is perfect for testing environments. Aside from the application server, you need to make sure that your IP address matches with your profile.

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When talking about project management the term work package might come up. A work package groups existing work orders under a new parent package. Work packages look like projects themselves and are often thought of as sub-projects that exist within larger projects.

Work projects happen to be the smallest unit of work that a larger project can be broken down into. Organizing work projects can be really beneficial in organizing an entire project so that it is easier to deal with as well as making it run much smoother. Work projects are not to be confused with deliverables but are closely related.

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Logical group of was instances or jvms

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I think Answer should be C.Deployment manager automatically manages WebServer.We have also option to manage the webserver from DMGR console.

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