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HVAC Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The correct answer to this question is D, 18 5/8". Knowing the correct length to cut is essential. Many pipe cutting formulas can help determine the exact extent needed to cut. If the question had more information, it could help identify the specific formula needed to know the length to cut.

Pipe cutting is essential to create a profile, such as straight cuts or midsection holes. There are two types of ways to cut pipes. Hot cutting is done through a thermal torch, using either oxyfuel or plasma. The other type, cold cutting, is done through using air or hydraulically powered machines.

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The correct answer to this question is A, 6 feet. A person who works in HVAC and deals with housing codes would know the answer to this question. This is in correspondence with IRC G2408.3 (305.5). With all rules, there are exceptions. The exception to this rule is when vehicle impact is protected by appliances.

The appliances should also be installed with accordance to Section G2408.2. . These codes should not just be followed due to state laws, but they are put in place to protect the homeowner and their items from any damage. Before building a garage, the owner should learn the codes to ensure they are following the guidelines.

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The correct answer to this question is B. In HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) there are two shapes of vertical ductwork: round and rectangular. For sheet metal ductwork, specified distances between hangers are given. With round vertical ductwork, the distance between hangers should not exceed 12 feet.

For rectangular vertical ductwork, the maximum distance between hangers is 10 feet. These distances were calculated based on the support needed to avoid distortion, buckling, and stress. Industry standards have been created and set at the international level, as well as in many individual countries around the world.

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There are two correct answers to this question which are, A. Allows space for clean bends in metal and B. Indicates where a bend should occur when laying out and marking. This tool would be used by a person who is doing a home improvement job. Professionals and everyday homeowners use hand notchers.

These tools can be found at home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot, as well as online stores like Amazon. It is important for the hand notcher to be sharp, so that it can cut through metal. The notcher also includes grips so that it is easy to handle.

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IMC page 24 , section 304.7

PRIVATE GARAGE is a min of 6 Feet

PUBLIC GARAGE is a min of 8 Feet

Its Wrong and Williams is wrong

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IMC Page 50. Table 504.8.4.1

It has 8" smooth Raduis 90 degree eblow is 1 foot 7 inches

has nothing on 5' nor mitered 8" elbows

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Are these questions actual ones from the n31 test? I take the test tomorrow and need to know.

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The answer to this question is 3/4" , not 1"

Table 307.2.2 - up 20 tons - 3/4"

over 20 tons to 40 tons - 1"

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Could you explain further? Why is it less and not more?

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There are two correct answers to this question, which are A device that depends on head pressure to allow the flow of condensed water and A device that depends on head pressure, water on or off to allow water tho cool condenser. A person who works in home improvement would be likely to know the definition of this device.

If looking to purchase one, these valves can be found at home stores such as Home Depot and Lowes, as well as online stores like Amazon. The valve works, because it includes an adjustable spring-loaded diaphragm. This diaphragm is what reduces the pressure of the water.

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