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The tax bill authorizes an 11% federal excise tax on sporting arms, ammunition, and archery equipment. Each time a hunter purchases one of these items, the retail price includes the federal excise tax. The federal excise tax is a tax on certain things like tires that the manufacturer pays and then passes the charge down the supply chain, and the consumer ultimately ends up paying for it in the end.

The tax is not remitted by the installer as a tax was already paid to the government by the manufacturer; however, it should be detailed on the invoice to the consumer, and the federal excise tax itself is not taxable.

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This is incorrect. Here in AZ no such thing as a firearm license exist. You have to have a valid drivers license, be a US citizen, 18 years old for long gun, 21 years old for handgun and have no prior felonies. Those are the requirements to purchase firearms.

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Shouldn't the answer be "Dispersion Pattern"? If not, why?

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I picked c 11 because i think that is what i tis

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The wind will affect the bullet and were it is shooting

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