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The correct answer to this question is B.

Non coniferous forests, more commonly known as temperate forests, are those found in the moderate climates between the tropics and boreal regions in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. They may also be called four-season forests because the midlatitude climates harboring them tend to experience four distinct seasons. A vast diversity of different forest types make up this broad category, from the broadly distributed temperate deciduous forests to pine woods and relatively geographically restricted temperate rainforests. During the winter, a temperate deciduous forest looks dead because leaves have fallen off most of the trees.

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This is what was named Mesopotamia. This is the first recorded civilization, and it is an important piece of history. Mesopotamia is often called the cradle of civilization. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers were the most fertile spots to plant crops, so it isn’t surprising that this is where civilizations began. Granted, Mesopotamia isn’t known for a lot of other things.

However, since this is the cradle of civilization, that’s why it gets into the textbooks for history and humanities courses. If that’s not a good sign of longevity for something, then I don’t know what is. That said, there is actually very little known about the people of Mesopotamia. We know that they were a society of hunter-gatherers, but that’s about it.

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