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Human Biology Questions and Answers (Q&A)

They are usually non polar

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How can the answer be soil because soil is already there in the question

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Does atomic number include the weight of proton?

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Won't the XaY male individual be colorblind since males have only one X chromosome to express the gene?

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The correct answer to this question is B, which is the number 2. Mismatched pairing, also known as DNA mismatch is a DNA defect. This happens when two bases that are non-complementary to each other allign in the same step of a duplex DNA.

This can occur during many stages including DNA replication, and mutagenic chemicals ionizing radition. Most times, they are corrected in DNA, but they aren't corrected, it can lead to genetic mutations, as well as cancer. The type of repair can depend on the specific strand. To begin the mismatched repair, the machinaery must differentiate the strand from the parental.

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The correct answer to this question is D. The fourth diagram is the one which correctly depicts water molecules forming hydrogen bonds with each other. A hydrogen bond is a chemical bond between water molecules. This bond holds the mass of the molecules together.

While hydrogen bonds are weak, the large number of them present in water allows them to determine its chemical properties. Water is one of the most important hydrogen-bonds. It forms in water when the hydrogen atoms of a water molecule are attracted to an oxygen atom of another close water molecule. This bond makes water unique.

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