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Klinefelter syndrome occurs in about 1 out of every 500 males, having an extra X chromosome. 2 X chromosomes plus 1 Y = XXY. Therefore the XY answer to this question is incorrect.

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The correct answer should be "karyotype". Using karyotype, we can photograph a complete set of chromosomes from a cell during cell division, most efficient during metaphase.

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Cystic fibrosis (CF) is caused by a recessive allele. You need to inherit two copies of the faulty allele to have CF. If you just have one copy of the faulty allele, you are a carrier but have no symptoms.If two carriers have a child between them, there is aone in fourchance of that child having the disorder.

An example of a dominant single genedisorder isHuntington’s disease,which is a disease of the nervous system.

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In the process of xenotransplantation, much attention has been given to the study of the pig's heart and human's heart. This is simply due to the fact that there are increasing demands for donations of organs for transplantation in human, and which seems fellow humans are not fully able to meet up. Though there are few similarities between the two hearts, such as;

the two are categorized as mammals, the hearts are divided similarly into the auricular and ventricular chambers, they both have their drainage via the pulmonary arteries, plus aorta into the greater and lesser circulation, but they have differences such as in their physiological functioning and anatomy of their hearts. The left or diagonal branches to conus arteriosus are not recognized in the pig's heart. Meanwhile, they are well recognized in the human's heart. The tubular appendage is present on the right atrium of a pig's heart but present on the left atrium of human's heart.

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Many people think that their digestive system is the same as that of animals. However, some people may know or heard that cows have four stomachs, so their digestive system is different from that of a human being. The same can be said about the rat’s digestive system. Whenever you eat food, it must digest. Whether it is a human, a cow, or a rat, the food that these three things eat must digest.

However, there are differences between the human digestive system and a rat digestive system. The social digestive system has a large intestine that are many feet long and wrapped all up in the body. The rat’s digestive system has even larger large intestines than a human. Rats don’t have gallbladders.

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Some people assume that agnostics are the same with atheists. There are some differences between these two terms. Agnostics are known to follow the belief of agnosticism which means that they do not believe that humans can actually know more about the spiritual realm because it is only the physical realm that they see. This means that they may not know if gods actually exist or not.

Atheists are people who do not believe that God exists. Take note that Atheists do not believe in any type of god no matter what type of religion may be presented to the atheist. There are some agnostics who may believe in some properties of God but once again, they feel that the other factors are just too far-fetched to grasp.

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Genotype for a female of Turner syndrome can be X or XO, in which the female has less one chromosome than normal female that is 45 X. For the effect, the female looks normal but actually she is sterile.

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Involve X and Y chromosome in 23rd pair. For instance, XX is for female. While XY is for male. It can also leads to abnormalities when the number of X and Y chromosomes in human have an addition or missingsuch as XO, XXY

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In human, 1 to 22 of the chromosomes are autosomes. And the 23rd pair is for this type of chromosomes.

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At the 23rd chromosomes, the genetic disorder that occur is chromosomal disorder.

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