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Klinefelter syndrome occurs in about 1 out of every 500 males, having an extra X chromosome. 2 X chromosomes plus 1 Y = XXY. Therefore the XY answer to this question is incorrect.
Please review and correct.

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The correct answer should be "karyotype". Using karyotype, we can photograph a complete set of chromosomes from a cell during cell division, most efficient during metaphase.

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Cystic fibrosis (CF) is caused by a recessive allele. You need to inherit two copies of the faulty allele to have CF. If you just have one copy of the faulty allele, you are a carrier but have no symptoms.If two carriers have a child between them, there is aone in fourchance of that child...

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Genotype for a female of Turner syndrome can be X or XO, in which the female has less one chromosome than normal female that is 45 X. For the effect, the female looks normal but actually she is sterile.

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Involve X and Y chromosome in 23rd pair. For instance, XX is for female. While XY is for male. It can also leads to abnormalities when the number of X and Y chromosomes in human have an addition or missingsuch as XO, XXY

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In human, 1 to 22 of the chromosomes are autosomes. And the 23rd pair is for this type of chromosomes.

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At the 23rd chromosomes, the genetic disorder that occur is chromosomal disorder.

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The Y chromosome is smaller than X. It also has fewer than 200 genes compare to X that has more than 1000 genes.

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The Y chromosome, smaller than the X. It also contains far fewer genes. The X has more than 1000 genes, while the Y has fewer than 200

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