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History Questions and Answers (Q&A)

In any case, exactly who involved the antiquated city in current Pakistan amid the third thousand years B.C. remains a baffle. ... The Indus Valley human progress was totally obscure until 1921, when unearthings in what might move toward becoming Pakistan uncovered the urban areas of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro
Mound of the dead.
That is the literal meaning in Sindhi.

Despite the fact that the Egyptians, Mesopotamians and so forth were the peers of the Indus valley progress, their languages and compositions, for example, heiroglyphs have been meant comprehend their abstract works. These assistance in understanding an extraordinary arrangement about the human advancements from the main individual's point of view.

Nonetheless, tragically, the Indus valley human advancement has its boustrophedon composed form which is as yet undecipherable. This doesn't give us the genuine names of the urban areas.
Concurrently, these urban communities have been named after the towns and towns nearest to where these vestiges have been found.

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The earliest empires to have a naval force are assumed to be the Greeks, using Phoenician shipbuilders, and they were ramming enemy ships back in seventh century BCE. The Achaemenid Empire, Persia, began amassing a naval force in the 5th century BC. Their first ships were also built by Phoenicians and were 40 meters in length and 6 meters in width, carrying 300 soldiers.

Chola Dynasty, India, was one of the greatest naval powers from 300 BC to 1279 AD. The Romans were land-based by nature and their sea battles, such as the Punic Wars, owed much to their servants. The Ancient Egyptians had efficient lengthy boats for centuries but these were predominantly used for transporting goods up the Nile.

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The assassination of ArchDuke Franz Ferdinand was the most influential assassination ever in history. It changed everything. Nothing comes closer to hitting home. Unless, you’ve been living under a rock, you already know why his assassination was influential. For those people who still do not know about it, let me elaborate.

Let’s go back to 1914. The conditions in Europe are tense. Austria and Germany hate Serbia. Ottoman Empire is looking to get an upper hand in Europe. Great Britain and France are excellent world powers who are jealous of Germany. All the countries mentioned above have been in an arms race for at least 3 decades and are ready to show off their military might. And just in these tense conditions, the heir to the Austrian throne decides to visit Sarajevo, with his wife, in an open car. The Bosnian Serb militants have gathered in Sarajevo under an extremist group by the name of the Black Hand. There was 19 year old member Gavrilo Princip in a cafe, looking at the couple who just decides to take the shot. Guess what his shot caused? WW1!

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Fred Flintstone said this, not Yogi Bear. Check out the beginning of Flintstone episodes.

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The main reason for this is because of letter A. France at that time was closely tied with the Catholic church. King Louis XIV did not want to break that bond. Rather, what he would like is to make sure that his lonk will be maintained. Another possible answer to this is letter C. It is not a secret that the Catholic priests played a huge role in influencing other people to become Catholics.

They went and docked in different areas and they were able to spread the word of God. The problem is that they also colonized people and made them slaves. King Louis XIV would rather maintain his alliance rather than do something to break it.

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In the late 1970s, Harvey Milk and George Moscone were killed by Dan White. Milk was known for being gay and holding political office. Many people were against his holding office, but others supported him and his views. At one time, Dan White worked with Milk and Moscone. However, he became upset and went to their offices and killed them immediately.

After this took place, people began to riot in San Francisco and this became known as the White Night Riots. This was brought about not so much due to the anger towards Milk’s killing, but for the light sentence that White got. Dan White received a voluntary manslaughter sentence and was to serve a seven-year sentence for killing two people.

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Mongols are the people who live in Mongolia. Mongolia is a country that is directly north of China. In history, the Chinese were attacked by the Mongols coming into their country. This caused the Chinese to build the Great Wall of China. Even though the Great Wall was constructed during different dynasties, it was used to protect the attackers of the Mongols on the Chinese people. Just like all other countries and groups of people in ancient times, they were trying to get more land for their country.

Plus, Mongols and others wanted to acquire more products that were being grown from other civilizations. The Mongols have been known as attackers because they did travel to many different countries to invade and try to claim land from these countries by force.

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Historians believe China destroyed its magnificent fleet in 1500 because it was afraid of their trade becoming uncontrolled. By the late 19th century, there was also anxiety about trade. Many western countries, and Japan had interest in China. Peking's swelling population of foreigners caused anxiety to residents.

The "I Ho Ch'uan" (Society of "Righteous and Harmonious Fists") (named Boxers) opposed foreign influence and was strongly anti-Christian. Farmers and other workers affected by floods, then droughts joined the Boxers. They began harassing Chinese Christians and foreign missionaries. It culminated in the Battle of Peking. The "Imperial Chinese Navy" refers to the Qing navy and the Qing regime ended in 1912.

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The Levant is formed by the countries along the eastern Mediterreanean coast; modern-day Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. Today, often described just as the "Near East". Historically it has been an area of conflict partly because of it was an important trade region with ports on the Mediterranean, it was prized by a succession of Mesopotamian empires.

The Hurrian Kingdom of Mittani (c. 1475-1275 BCE) first seized the area and built the city of Washukanni . Subsequently, the Hittites took power. Their war with Egypt was unresolved as the Hittite and Egyptian forces were equal in strength. Lying between the lands of Egypt and Mesopotamia, the Levant also bordered the Mediterranean sea and the caravan routes to Asia; those seeking power needed it to ensure both the land routes and access to the sea.

More significantly still, this was the place where lay the remains of much much older cultures and the site of religious entities. Known as the Fertile Crescent, it is accepted as the area of the world where civilization began. The Bible describes the Garden of Eden as between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in this region. It is the promised land of Canaan. Christianity began there. Many cultures revere it and believe it to be their own.

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America wanted freedom from the British for several years prior to 1776 when the 13 colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. Prior to the American Revolutionary War, people were coming to the thirteen colonies because they could not practice their religion freely. After several years, the people were living and having children in the 13 colonies.

However, Great Britain still owned them and made decisions for them. They started to tax the colonists who didn’t mind being taxed but they wanted to be able to represent the 13 colonies in Parliament so that they would have a say in the taxing. However, Britain did allow that. After having to pay severe taxes for years, the colonists decided to declare their freedom from British rule.

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