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Health Care Questions and Answers (Q&A)

I don't feel that this is true AT ALL. Why? Well first you should never start CPR on a patient without first knowing if they have a DNR in place. If a caregiver were immediately begin CPR on a pt who has a DNR in place, that is going against what the pt is wanting. The facility, or homecare agency could wind up in some serious trouble if this were to be given.

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Vitamin C has a unique role because it aids in the synthesis of one protein, which is collagen. About one-fourth of all protein in your body consists of collagen, which is a very strong protein used to build and strengthen the skin, blood vessels, connective tissues, bones, and teeth. It also assists in wound healing.

It behaves as an antioxidant and protects against damage by reactive molecules found in free radicals. Vitamin C also helps to improve immunity. It is essential for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body.

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A cane is an important piece of durable medical equipment, which can help a person’s ability to support their mobility. Instruct the person using the cane to hold it on their strong side. Advise them that to hold the cane correctly they should hold the cane on the side of your healthy leg and move forward as you move the compromised leg forward.

This procedure will help you with balance. When you step forward with the weaker leg, move the cane forward at the same time. Always put the cane in the hand that is opposite the stronger leg. Always keep the cane close to you so that when you want to get up from a chair or to move to another area you have that much-needed support.

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2 liquid intake is increased

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The right order of draw using Vacutainer tubes is:

1. Yellow
2. Light Blue
3. Plain Red
4. Plastic Red
5. Gold, Red/Gray
6. Green
7. Lavender, Purple, Tall Pink
8. Gray

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There will be times when a patient must be put in strict isolation. It may be because the patient has an illness or disease that is very contagious or the other way around. The patient may not be able to be in contact with people because of the germs that they carry. The visitors may be able to withstand the germs because their bodies can fight off the infection.

However, the patients may not be able to do that which is why they are placed in a strict isolation area. The nursing staff must go in to the isolation area and administer the procedures that are necessary. However, they must wear gloves to protect themselves and the patient. However, whenever they leave, the first thing that the nurse must do is to is dispose of the gloves when they leave the room.

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In the workforce, workers are often working more hours nowadays than they did before. This means that there is less time for working out and getting exercise. Many employers see their workers sitting behind a desk for many hours a day. They need to get some exercise.

Some companies are encouraging their workers to get more exercise by providing better health care and funding gym memberships. Some have even created a workout room somewhere in their building for their workers to use. Employees are encouraged to use it.

When the company is doing this, the health insurance company may be asking them to do this and making the insurance costs to be lowered. When this occurs, the company is creating a level of primary prevention.

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There are certain types of wound dressings that a nurse can apply to a wound on a patient. One is called occlusive which is usually made out of some kind of plastic. It stretches over the wound in order for air not to seep in. The compress is a thick bandage usually applied to a bleeding wound. The trauma dressing is a large sterile dressing and it is used to cover a big wound.

Smaller wounds can be bandaged with adhesive strips like Band-aids. Usually a wound specialist would know exactly which bandage to put on the wound due to the size and the type of wound it is. A moist clean saline gauze and bandage would be needed if there is an open wound with tissue.

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A colonoscopy is a procedure where the doctor looks in the patient’s colon for any traces of cancer. However, prior to having this procedure, the patient must spend the day before usually sitting on the toilet.

This is because the patient was required to drink a terrible drink prescribed by the doctor. This medicine makes the patient empty their system. The colon must be empty. However, it is important for the patient to not get dehydrated.

In order to do this, the patient may have clear fluids like water and juice. The nurse should consider the effects of a person who is preparing for this surgery. If this person struggles with dehydration already, then the colonoscopy may not be a good procedure to have when the patient has a problem.

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A nurse takes note of a critical increment in customer falls causing damage. To help settle this issue,
The nurse requests that few staff nurses work with the treatment staff to help tackle the planning issue and offer herself as an asset.- method of reasoning: in this circumstance, working as a democratic leader is ideal. the nursing and treatment staffs who manage the everyday issues of direct customer mind have the best handle on the circumstances and ought to be self-sufficient to take care of issues.

The nurse-chief, in any case, ought to be accessible to help. meeting with just the managers of physical and word related treatment mirrors a totalitarian administrator. without staff input, the nurse-chief wont have the data she needs to distinguish the best arrangement. by basically advising the nursing staff to take after the advisers plans, the nurse-director has renounced obligation regarding critical thinking, yet the issue still exists. deciding critical thinking alternatives without staff input is demonstrative of a taking an interest chief. a taking an interest supervisor approaches staff individuals for assessments, yet staff individuals don't have contribution to real critical thinking. this absence of info may cause disdain and disappointment.

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