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Hardware Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Data storage is the precise term for assembling data in certain forms for computer or devices. Different types of data storage serve different roles in a computing environment. In a computer, data storage is the place where data is held in electromagnetic or optical form for access by a computer processor. Storage is frequently used to describe devices and data connected to the computer through input/output operations.

Hard disk, tape systems and other forms of storage that don't include computer memory, and other in computer storage. The options for this kind of containment are of a much greater variety and expense than those related to memory.

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All of the above are storage devices for computer data. Not many computers can still ready floppy disks (think of the save button on Microsoft Word), but they are still an option on some computers. Tape, for those who are uninitiated, is often found in cassettes and other bulky items from the 1990s. Thin cassette tapes with music on them or VHS tapes that were used for movies.This is also a somewhat more obsolete way of storing data.

However, a network drive is the most likely option for those doing any type of backup today. It can be used wirelessly or plugged into the computer’s USB ports. This is going to be the easiest thing to use when the time comes.

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DDR stands for Double Data Rate RAM. The main difference between these two versions of RAM lies within the rate of data. DDR 2 is the second generation in the DDR RAM family. Is not as fast as DDR 3. It runs half the speed of the system clock. Compared to DDR 3, the bandwidth of DDR 2 is smaller. DDR 2 consumes more power than DDR

3.The distance between the left side of RAM stick and notch on DDR 2 is 7.1cm DDR 3 is the third in the family of DDR RAM. DDR 3 is twice as fast as DDR 2. The memory clock runs at a quarter speed of the system clock. DDR 3 is much more expensive than DDR 2. The distance between the left side of the RAM stick and the notch is 5.4cm.

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The basic disk is known to be the usual storage model. This makes use of different partitions to make sure that all of the items that you will save will have its rightful spot in your hard drive. The dynamic disc is different in such a way that it will make use of volumes instead of the partitions that basic disks use. The basic disk can only make limited partition, which may not be ideal when you would need something that will span through the different volumes.

The dynamic disc may be more helpful this way. The basic disc will allow you to save your files easily, but you need backup if in case the hard drive breaks down. For the dynamic disc, you can use it more effectively for transferring the data from the basic disc to the dynamic disc. Just make sure one thing that you have enough space available to make the transfer effective.

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Computer drivers are programs that govern the operations of computer hardware and how it communicates with the computer operating system. Without drivers, computer cannot receive or give data to computer hardware in the correct manner and computer software will not be able to access hardware functions of a device. Each computer device has driver programs that controls it. Drivers act as a translator between the hardware and software that uses the device.

Drivers communicate with the hardware through computer communication bus that the hardware is connected to. The device sends data back to the drivers, drivers then command the hardware to carry out certain functions. For example, a printer begins to print out information after receiving commands from the drivers.

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Some may get confused with the differences between hard drive and RAM, mainly because they do not know the functions of these two. The hard drive is in charge of keeping all of your data and files even when you turn off your computer. The moment that you save it, it will be there unless your hard drive breaks down.

The RAM stands for Random Access Memory, but you should not confuse it with the hard drive. This is in charge of the speed of your computer when it is doing different processes. For example, when you are playing games, how fast the game will load will also depend on your RAM.

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The best hardware companies in the world is a bit subjective to answer if you are putting them in order. However, there is no doubt that certain companies beat out all others in hardware technology. These companies include Apple, Samsung, IMB, Foxconn, HP, Lenovo, and AsusTek. There are many others that could easily fall in this list.

Apple is known for being innovative among its following of users, yet most technology presented has been used by Samsung for a number of years. For example, waterproof or water-resistant phones, and drop-proof tablets. The hardware might not be perfect from any company but it does allow for more rugged used as well as not feeling like the item needs white-glove handling. Regardless of who had it first, each of these brands offer their users something unique.

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Computer hardware engineers design, develop and supervise the production and installation of computer hardware. Computer hardware can be any physical aspect of a computer system including monitors, keyboards, a mouse, printers, microchips, and circuit boards. Computer hardware engineers and electronics engineers function similarly but computer hardware engineers focus primarily on computer hardware. Because computer hardware is used in more than just desktops and laptops, the career prospectsinclude vehicles, household appliances, televisions, smartphones, medical tools, and all types of robotics. Unlike many types of engineering positions, a computer hardware engineer does not necessarily require a 4-year degree. For some talented individuals, their experience in the field will be enough to provide a high-paying job. There are various career options for a computer hardware engineer. To know about that, you can Google it anytime.

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A computer hardware engineer is an individual that works on the hardware of a computer which includes mother board, circuit units, routers, processors, chips and monitors. These engineers design develop and research computer hardwares. Most computer hardware engineers have a degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering with some computer science knowledge or a degree in a course related to this field.

They provide new ideas and also work to improve existing computer systems and components which leads to advancement in computer technology. This field can be further divided into many subdivisions like CPU design engineers, circuit board developers and many more. Some computer hardware engineers acquire master degrees to improve their skills and increase their knowledge in their field.

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Communication between a user and a computer can only be carried out with the aid of input and output devices.
Computer input device is a hardware that gives data to a computer, it allows interaction between other computer components, it also gives the user ability to control the computer. The most common input devices are keyboard and mouse, others include scanner, joystick, webcam and microphone.

Computer output device is a hardware that sends out information from the computer. This include devices use to display information and devices use for production of information. Examples: monitor, projector, printers and speakers.

They are some devices that serve as both input and output devices, they are called input and output devices. Examples are modems, disk drives and network cards.

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