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Personally, I would not recommend you to wash your hair every day. Although, some people might not agree with my answer as waiting for a few days between washing your hair doesn’t lie in a dictionary.

Trichologists believe washing your hair on a daily basis can lead to dry hair, making it vulnerable to breakage and a large amount of split ends. Doing so will also make your hair dull and lifeless. Of course, you also don’t want rough and unshiny hair. That’s why you should avoid washing your hair daily. Generally, a gap of 2-3 days between hair wash is considered fine by doctors except for those people who have oily hair.

However, there is a very small proportion of people who need to wash their hair every day. This could be one who has very thin, rough, or oily hair, who lives in very humid areas, or who sweat a lot. In simpler terms, we can say it varies from person to person and their hair type and scalp texture. Moreover, it should be someone’s personal choice.

To know more about what does shampoo does to our hair, you can also contact a well-skilled trichologist.

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A hair gel and a hair paste may seem similar in the beginning, but these are two completely different things. These products are meant to style the hair. Hair gel is usually applied to wet hair to make it more effective in styling the hair. They will provide a certain “wet-look” that some people prefer.

Hair paste is known to have some wax content which means that it is more solid as compared to the hair gel that may seem almost liquid. The hair paste can make the hair look more supple and not as stiff as the hair gel. Hair paste should be applied to clean hair to get the best results. You need to use shampoo when trying to remove the hair paste from your hair.

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Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment are two types of hair treatments. Most times, spotting the differences between the two can be very difficult because the effects of the two treatments on hair look very similar. However, one can still notice some differences between the two. Let's talk about the length of hours for the process of the two hair treatments. The Brazilian Blowout treatment does not take so much time compared to Keratin treatment. On average, Brazilian Blowout treatment lasts only for about 1 to 2 hours, whereas the keratin treatment can last for three hours.

Also, while both Brazilian Blowout and keratin treatments have similar effects on the hair, the effects of keratin treatment on the hair very easy to notice. It makes hair look straighter and smoother than what Brazilian Blowout treatment will produce. Most times, a keratin treatment is usually advised for hair with too much volume, while Brazilian Blowout is suitable for hair that does not have too much volume.

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Are you curious about the difference between Fohawk and Mohawk? From the name itself, you can already decipher what type of hairstyle a fohawk is. This is similar to a mohawk, but it is not as extreme as the Mohawk. Some people do not approve of the Mohawk hairstyle because they feel that this is not one of the usual hairstyles that both men and women may wear.

This type of hairstyle would involve leaving longer hair in the middle portion of the head while the sides are cleanly shaved off. For the Fohawk, the sides are a bit longer, so you will not notice immediately that there is more hair in the middle portion of the head.

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I could list countries in Africa that are considered stable today, and these could well be different from those that might be listed next month. Africa is the continent whose countries are often unstable and therefore, if travelling, it is essential to check the most up to date advice for a specific African country.

At the moment, your best bet is probably Botswana. It has a long-standing multi- party democracy unlike most countries in Africa whose political, social and economic make-up causes unsafe conditions. The Seychelles has been peaceful and Namibia in parts. Zambia is also considered safe at the present time.

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Mousse and gel are important products which are being used in keeping and maintaining the hair. Mousse and gel are two distinct hairstyling products that keep our hairs more shining and beautiful to behold. The two products have various advantages over each other, and it might be due to the fact that, mousse and gel are made up of different chemical composition. As good and amazing as their effects are when applied on the hair, there are some differences between mousse and gel.

Gel is a widely used hairstyling product because it makes hair stand very well. It gives a kind of hardness to the hair that makes the hair stand very strong. While mousse, also gives a strong hold to the hair, but it is not as strong as what Gel will produce. The reason why gel gives a firm hold of hair is because it is sticky in nature, while mousse is not sticky.

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Unfortunately, no there is no permanent fix for hair loss, or balding. You can create a healthier lifestyle or take medications to help slow it down if you feel like you are balding really early in life. But a lot of the reasons that people begin losing hair is due to your parents.

Genes passed on to you from your parents are often a big indicator of whether or not you will experience balding or thinning of your hair at some point in your life.

You can try to decrease the stress in your life, exercise more often and think about taking Biotin which is a natural supplement to improve hair quality, but none of these are a sure treatment and definitely are not a cure.

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I do not know any pain-free ways to wax. Some people will experience more pain while waxing if they have more sensitive skin or are more prone to feeling pain at low levels. There are some ways to minimize the pain with waxing however.

You can take a painkiller like aspirin or ibruprofen before waxing. You can also make sure your skin is not too dry before waxing. This will also help with the pain associated with ingrown hairs after waxing.

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Hair and fur possess the same chemical composition, and both are made up of keratin; however, the core difference between hair and fur is word usage. The hair of nonhuman mammals is referred to as “fur,” and humans are said to have “hair.” The human hair must be cut, whereas, an animal’s fur grows only to a certain point, and then it falls out and is replaced by new fur.

Human hair tends to develop independently, and it does not stop growing. Human hair does have different textures, depending upon your heritage, just as fur does and fur can be much thicker than a human’s hair. Animal fur has a double composition with an underlayer and one on top.

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