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Personally, I would not recommend you to wash your hair every day. Although, some people might not agree with my answer as waiting for a few days between washing your hair doesn’t lie in a dictionary. Trichologists believe washing your hair on a daily basis can lead to dry...Read More

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Justin bieber omg i love him! It's so silky lol bum hair.

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Are you curious about the difference between Fohawk and Mohawk? From the name itself, you can already decipher what type of hairstyle a fohawk is. This is similar to a mohawk, but it is not as extreme as the Mohawk. Some people do not approve of the Mohawk hairstyle because they feel that this...Read More

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As their names suggest, both hair gel and hair paste are styling products used on hair. Hair gel is water-based, and it used to make the hair stiff. When hair gel is used, it is challenging to restyle. Due to it being water based, hair gel can easily be washed out with water. On the other...Read More

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I could list countries in Africa that are considered stable today, and these could well be different from those that might be listed next month. Africa is the continent whose countries are often unstable and therefore, if travelling, it is essential to check the most up to date advice for a...Read More

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This is incorrect. Mammary glands and ceruminous glands are modified sweat glands.

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The correct answer to this question is B, shears. Slitherizing is a method of haircutting mean to help texturize hair, best used on thick hair and longer hair by decreasing bulk and adding volume for heavy or flat hair. To slither hair, you take sections of one's hair and use a light grip on...Read More

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Hair and fur possess the same chemical composition, and both are made up of keratin; however, the core difference between hair and fur is word usage. The hair of nonhuman mammals is referred to as “fur,” and humans are said to have “hair.” The human hair must be cut,...Read More

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Men and women are getting trendier haircuts nowadays. Both of these haircuts have something in common because they both will most likely make a dramatic look. The look will be instant. They also both decrease the hair to the skin. However, there is a difference between these two stylish...Read More

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