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Gun Questions and Answers (Q&A)

F. Hope
Answered: Oct 10, 2019
Pistols and Rifles are two common types of guns. Pistols can also be classified as handguns because they are small and can be easily held with one hand. Rifles, on the other hand, can also be...Read More

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J. Rogers, Rosshazlewood
Answered: Nov 01, 2019
A rifle comes with spiral bores or rifling; hence the word, rifle, and a shotgun comes with a smooth bore. A shotgun fires as many as dozens of smaller lead or steel pallets that are known as a...Read More

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Danny R. Glover, Editor
Answered: Aug 02, 2019
The HK416 is comparable to the M4 in appearance, but it is dissimilar internally. The prime difference between this weapon and the M4 series is the short stroke offset piston system, replacing...Read More

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T. Moses, Copywriter
Answered: Nov 07, 2019
No, if there is something that I do not feel too comfortable doing, it is holding a gun. I have seen some guns, especially in museums, but I have never attempted to hold one or fire one. Perhaps...Read More

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C. Reyes
Answered: Aug 19, 2019
Handguns and pistols are both firearms that are easily carried and can be held with a single hand. Firearms are classified into two: handguns and long guns. A pistol is one of the many types of...Read More

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H. Martin, Content Writer
Answered: Aug 13, 2019
Are you fund or involved in firearms, maybe like pistols? Then you will or will want to have an idea about the pistol cartridges available. Two of the popular cartridges are .45 ACP or .45 GAP,...Read More

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