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The answer to the moon is stuck in an orbit around our world is true

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The statement that best-described gravity has to be 1. This is the force that pulls the objects to the ground. It should be remembered that gravity is known to be a force that pulls objects towards the center of the earth. This applies to anything that has mass. Take note that if there are...

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Because it is. Let me explain!

Newton’s concept of gravity is good for explaining the basic motions around us and still holds in many situations but the problem is that Newton made a mistake. Newton treated gravity as a force, and in working, gravity isn’t a force which...

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Before discussing gravitational radiation, let’s talk gravitational waves, as they play a huge role in gravitational radiation. Gravitational waves are created when there is a disturbance in space and time, which creates curvature that radiates outward from the center of accelerated...

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Centre of the Inner Core

If you really put Narnia my dear, I am laughing like you have NO CLUE....

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False he did not discover gravity, he was the first person to realize that gravity occurs everywhere

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What is inherent in every body is that it is on Earth, which has force attracting every body to its centre. This is gravitational force. This, and the acceleration generated by this force is known as the acceleration due to gravity.

It is denoted by the letter 'g'. In...

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This is a theory still being developed in physics that attempts to take account of both quantum mechanics and general relativity. If a successful description of quantum gravity could be achieved, then this might amount to a 'theory of everything' - no small matter!


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The discussion of gravitational singularities must be considered as a theorem. In two hypothetical situations, the implosion of a planetary body or the universe spatially closed. In either case, the laws of physics as we know them cease to operate and gravitational singularities would be...

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