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Keylime pie hole because keylimed pie hole created all of u so have some respect.

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Anput is the name given to the female counterpart of Anubis. She is an Ancient Egyptian goddess; she is considered as the female version of Anubis, her husband. Anubis was the god of death, embalmers and funerals. Anubis was son to Set the god of evil and Nephthys who is the goddess...
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The Cupid is a symbol of love, and it is usually associated with Valentines Day. The Cupid supposedly draws a bow, and with an arrow, he aims and strikes passion into the heart of someone. This is a very classic and traditional character, which was derived and immortalized historically to be...Read More

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Atheism and Agnosticism are closely related, but they are not totally the same. Atheism is the belief that no deities exist. Atheism does not believe in the existence of God, and the follower of such belief is always ready to prove the non-existence of God. Agnosticism, on the other hand, is a...Read More

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The great grandfather of Emperor Jimmu is Ninigi-no-Mikoto. Emperor Jimmu was the first emperor of Japan. According to mythology, he is a descendant of the storm god Susanoo and the goddess of the sun Amaterasu through their grandson Ninigi. He was born February 13, 711 and reigned from...Read More

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Some may think that they are the same because Quakers and Amish people belong to their own peace churches. The Amish believe that they should live their lives simply. They have a very strict way of living their lives. The Quakers are known to be liberals. They also do not believe in pries...Read More

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We can see plainly here that God is looking at sending His soul to converse with us. Thus, while God is the one, right God. He is the chief God; He utilizes different parts of Himself to finish His objectives. The Holy Spirit is intended to address us. It is that little voice in your mind....Read More

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According to the King james bible chapter 34 verse 28 Moses was with the LORD 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS WITHOUT EATING BREAD OR DRINKING WATER!

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I could have sworn you can exalt god no matter who you are. isnt that what makes the bible so amazing is that everyone can

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