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Ghana Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The Ghana Empire was situated in the region of present-day southeastern Mauritania and western Mali. Complex social orders in light of trans-Saharan exchange with salt and gold had existed in the district since old times, however the acquaintance of the camel with the western Sahara in the third century A.D. opened the best approach to awesome changes in the region that turned into the Ghana Empire.

Archeological research was ease back to enter the photo. While French archeologists trusted they had found the capital, Koumbi-Saleh in the 1920s, when they found broad stone demolishes in the general region given in many hotspots for the capital, and others contended that intricate internments in the Niger Twist territory may have been connected to the empire, it was not until 1969, when Patrick Munson uncovered at Dhar Tichitt in cutting edge Mauretania that the likelihood of a totally local origin was raised.

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I suggest about 30% because of its increase in population more peope tend to live in poverty

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