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The correct answer to this question is C.

However, the use of mercury manometers/McLeod gauges is discouraged due to the toxic nature of mercury and safety issues involving the storage, use, and replenishing of mercury-containing devices. Consider using electronic and mechanical gauges...

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Runouts from horizontal mains shall be taken off above below or at the centerline of the pipe

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No! It is not necessary that all gases are insulators. Although, it’s all true that most gases are bad conductors of electricity and only a small number of gases can conduct electricity.

Gases conduct electricity only when we subject them to lower pressure and higher voltage....

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The answer to this question is letter B. All three flasks are measured 1 liter and are placed in the same room making them have the same temperature too. All 3 flasks have also the same number of molecules as they contain the same element (Nitrogen) and have the equal volume as...

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The answer to this question is C. To understand how this question, you need to know how to solve this. 1 atm is equal to 760mm Hg. This means 735x 1/760=0.967 atm. It would be easy to solve this already as long as you know the right equation to use. Measuring atmospheric pressure is essential...

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Matter can be in the form of a liquid, solid or gas. Each of these types of matter have certain specific properties that identify it as a liquid, solid or gas. Gases have specific properties including having a low density.

The molecules in a gas are scattered about and are not tight or...

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In a science experiment, you have three flasks that are filled with different gases in them. If you have some form of nitrous oxide in them, they will have the same kinetic energy. However, there are different amounts of kinetic energy in gases.

Kinetic energy is the energy that most...

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Elemental form means that the element is at its purest. A compound form is an element that is combined with other elements. Nitrogen is a light element that is common and can easily be found in the universe. Chlorine is a yellowish colored gas that reacts easily to other elements. When mixed...

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Runsouts from horizontal mains or branches shall be taken off above the centerline of the pipeline.

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The correct answer to this question is E, None. Gases in chemistry are one of the three states of matter that have no defined volume or shape. Each gas has a standout behavioral pattern. This behavior can depend on many variables including temperature, size, and pressure. Though their actions...

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