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In a standard deck of 52 playing cards, the only king card not to have a mustache is the king of hearts. This is because a lot of people tend to associate the heart with being the most pure organ in the body. Due to that, the heart doesn’t wear disguises, which a mustache can be used as.

So, the king of hearts is clean-shaven.
However, there were rumors that the king of hearts is supposed to represent Charlemagne, whom is often depicted with a beard and mustache, so there may be no truth to this or it may have morphed.

That said, there are decks that depict all four kings with a mustache. So, overall, it really depends on who made the deck you’re playing with.

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Explorers and Cygnus knights are character orders that are available in the MapleStory. MapleStory is a side-scrolling 2D, role-playing and multiplayer online game, and it is free to play. The Wizet company developed the MapleStory. To get the game enhancements and some of the characters for this game, you can get them at the cash shop.

This game is available in many countries with different versions. In this multi-player game, the players have interactions with other players through chat, mini-games, and trading. The characters involved in this game develop their skills and also conquer monsters, among others, by traveling found the Maple World.

Cygnus knights or knights of Cygnus is considered to be a derivative of explorer classes original 5. The maximum level which can be reached on this character “order” is 120. At every level, Cygnus knights receive 6 AP, and 5 AP at any level from 70 upward. On the other hand, explorers can attain up to 200, and they receive 5 AP and 3 SP at every level.

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There are a lot of people who are interested to know more about how genes can work. Some would like to know how they have inherited certain traits from their parents. Doing this is possible with the use of the breeding crosses that are available.

Monohybrid and dihybrid crosses are both known to be methods to discover certain traits but the difference is the number of traits that will be checked. Monohybrid cross can be used to check the traits of the offspring when it is compared to parents with one different trait.

A dihybrid cross will be used when there are two traits that are different. Some also use these breeding crosses in animals so they can come up with some of the best traits available.

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In 2004, the Nintendo company produced the Nintendo DS game. This came with several good features such as the double screen display system, the multiple control, and the touch screen. And two years later, they came up with a new and better or improved version, which is the DS Lite. This product is considered to be better in performance due to some improved factors that were included. In size, the DS lite is smaller, and in weight, the DS Lite is very light when compared to the Nintendo DS.

The Nintendo DS has a battery capacity of 850mAh, while the DS lite has a battery capacity of 1000mAh, and this makes the battery about 5 hours longer. The DS lite processor is also designed in such a way that it does not consume the battery fast. The game time has been extended, too, and the screen has been made brighter.

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The Nintendo DSi and the Sony PSP Go are both game consoles that have been created by Nintendo and Sony respectively. PSP comes with a lot of memory because you need to download games before you can start playing them. Nintendo DSi would need to make use of physical media so that the games can be played correctly.

They both have areas wherein games can be saved, but Nintendo makes use of a memory card while the Sony PSP makes use of a memory stick. The Nintendo DSi comes with a touchscreen interface which makes this the option of those who are already used to this feature when using their gadgets.

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I was thinking if YOU have 9 and YOU take 5 away, logically, you'd have 5 in one hand and 4 in the other unless you got rid of the 4. So, you should still have 9!

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4.95 so multipy it 4.95 and 10 so the correct answer is 49.5

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and does any one have xbox360

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I have found some rules for you in wiki.

Know the personnel. When you walk up to any table, you'll want to know just who you're dealing with. Because craps involves the most money out of any standard craps online, you can expect to be working with a fair amount of employees.

Familiarize yourself with the table. Casinos aren't meant for customers to be scared away by feeling intimidated -- the craps table is simple once you've studied it for a minute.

Learn the lingo."Comin' out. Bet those hard ways. How about the C and E? Hot roll comin', play the field. Any mo' on yo?"Did you catch any of that? Odds are that's what you'll be hearing when you saunter up to a game in progress.

Get "superstitious".Just like any avid gambler, the gods of luck must not be scoffed at, lest ye want your money revoked. Avoid certain habits (and do others) to look like a seasoned pro (literally) and not drive the others away, leaving you with nothing but nasty glares for companionship.

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For the Nintendo game lovers, there is a reason to be excited as there is an approved version of the Nintendo DS. Anytime there is an improved version of a gadget; it is sure to come with a new look and features. The Nintendo DSi is the newer version of the Nintendo DS. Despite the improvement in the version Nintendo DSi, it is still of the same size and dimension to the old Nintendo DS. These two games still have their differences.

One notable difference is in the screen size of the Nintendo DSi, which is of 3.25 inches, while the older DS is of 3.00 inches. These two still have slight differences in their size and slimness. The Nintendo DSi weighs 214 grams, while the DS is of 218 grams weight. The cartridge that was in the Nintendo DS has been discarded and replaced with the modern SD card in the DSi for better storage.

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