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The correct answer to this question is C, Solar system. Galaxy, universe. There are many differences between these three things. The solar system is home to the Sun and many planets like Earth, Mercury, and Jupiter. It also houses moons, dust, and rocks. There are many galaxies, includ...Read More

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At the center of our solar system is a red giant star. Though to originally be the center of our universe by many in the early 1600’s. This star is the foundation for our life and why we are hear today on earth. Earth sits at the perfect distance from the sun to recieve it’s heat...Read More

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We live in the MILKY WAY Galaxy- and not the Milk Way galaxy.....Read More

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False because any star can be any size it might be smaller then a star or smaller then a star

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The stars forming a group that has a recognisable shape is called...Read More

1 Answer and probably not for a very long...Read More

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