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Fruit Questions and Answers (Q&A)

If we are going to talk about which fruit contains the highest number of calories, it is best to say that avocados contain the highest number of calories per fruit with around 322 calories. This is based on its size which weighs around 201 grams.

Other fruits which comes a bit closer from avocados are as follows: grapes with 320 calories, grapefruit with 310 calories, apricot with 255 calories, currant with 200 calories, cantaloupe with 140 calories, apple and mandarin with 100 calories, and mango, cranberries and 100 grams of pomegranate with 50 calories each. Some people would also say that bananas have the highest number of calories since it differs in size. However, researches have pointed out that bananas are not even part of the list of fruits with the highest amount of calories, so we can stick with avocado.

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Fruits have water percentage individually, but for the purpose of answering this question, it is enough to say that 9 fruits have the highest water percentage among all other kinds of fruits.

By “highest water percentage”, it only includes the list of fruit with a water content of more than 85% and these fruits are as follows from lowest to highest: 1) Blueberries have been found to have 85% of water, 2) It is followed by orange with 85% of water, 3) Raspberries and pineapple both have 87% of water, 4) The next fruit would be apple with 88% of water, 5) Cantaloupe has 90%, 6) Dragon fruit has 91% of water, 7) Strawberries have 92% of water and 8) The fruit with the highest water percentage is watermelon with 92%.

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Fruit trees grow in a lot of different places. Some of them grow better in some climates than in some other climates. For example some fruits need a warmer year round environment. Citrus fruit trees are an example of this. Oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits are typically grown in places like Florida and Georgia in the United States.

Peaches are another thing that grows warmer more southern environments like Georgia. On the other hand, other types of fruits grow in a more northern climate that gets cooler weather. Washington State is a famous state for producing apples. Some states are able to host a variety of different fruit bearing trees.

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There has been different version of where apple originated from. Some would say apples came from Rome, while most would say that it came from Asia. While there is both truth in both answers, it differs greatly in two things: 1) Where apples originated from and 2) Who cultivated these apples and made it extremely popular.

To answer the first question, apples are known as malus pumila and it originated from Central Asia wherein its primary ancestor Malus siversii or wild apples can also be found. The Ancient Romans only stepped in the picture when they cultivated these wild apples into sweet and juicy fruits. Using the given information, it is just right to say that apples originated from Asia.

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Fruits usually grow on trees. There are a few vegetables that grow underground but fruits do not grow underground. Apples, oranges, lemons, pears, peaches and other fruits are examples of fruits that grown on trees. The process of a fruit fruit’s life involves fruits growing on trees and then producing seeds that can grow more seeds so that the process happens all over again.

Fruit trees grow in the wild but are often cultivated in orchards or groves so that they can be sold in masses and consumed. Places in the United States like Florida and Georgia are especially known for producing fruits from trees like oranges and peaches.

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The answer to this question is yes, fruit snacks can go bad. This is based on the fact that all foods, no matter how carefully sealed and placed in a refrigerator, expires one way or another. When you look at your food (fruit snacks are also included), you will be able to see the “consume by”, “best by”, or “best before”.

These words do not necessarily mean that the food will expire on that date, but it automatically states that food past those dates will gradually lose their flavor and appearance. If you plan to eat fruit snacks past their expiration date, you may do so if the taste and appearance are still acceptable. But if it is already stale and has an unpleasant odor, throw it away because it has already become bad.

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There’s a saying that goes “Too much of anything is bad…” and while this is true, it’s no applicable to everything. While it is true that fruits contain or is full of sugar, a person who is not prone to developing diabetes is not at risk to develop such.

Doctors have released different opinions about this topic and they all agreed that eating too much fruits does not lead to diabetes UNLESS – take note of this word – a person has a strong family history of diabetes. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are no longer allowed to eat fruits. It just means that if you are at risk of developing diabetes, then you should limit your consumption of fruits which are full of sugar.

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It is true that eating too much fruits can cause bloating and this is because of several various factors such as the following:

1) Fruits contain fiber which, if a high percentage of it is present in our body, can cause bloating, cramping, gas and stomach pain,

2) Fructose which are also found in fruits. Some people are fructose intolerant wherein their bodies struggle, if not fail, to digest fructose. Once fructose is not properly digested by the body, it can cause bloating and other health complications,

3) Fruit allergy which jumpstarts the release of histamine in the body. Once histamine is present in our body,

our body will then attempt to eliminate the proteins found in fruit and it can then lead to bloating, as well.

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