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Fruit Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Like all flies fruit flies reproduce by laying eggs. Fruit flies will lay their eggs on particularly moist and fermenting foods. Within only about 24 to 30 hours these eggs will hatch into larvae known as maggots. After a week of beginning their lives these maggots will burrow down into the decaying matter they were born in and begin the process of emerging as a fly.

Female fruit flies have a very short lifespan but can lay hundreds of eggs in that very short time. The females actually become sexually active after two days of emerging as adults. They mate with males and begin laying eggs immediately. It is quite easy for a population of fruit flies to multiply by the masses.

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Fruits are just one part of the reproductive process for plants that produce fruits. Fruits contain seeds and when they go through their natural ripening and rotting process all that will be left of them is the seeds that are left behind. These seeds take root, germinate, and become a new generation of plants. Different fruits have different types of seeds.

Some of them have small clusters of seeds while others only have one or two larger seeds. Some fruits like peaches have a seed that is large and commonly referred to as a pit. Fruits and the seeds inside them are an essential part of the reproductive process that plants that produce fruit go through.

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Fruits effect the human body in a few different ways. First of all they can quench hunger. Fruits are one of the most basic things that humans can eat to gain necessary energy. In addition to simply quenching hunger fruits also do give the human body energy upon which it can run. They also give us nutrients that our bodies need. Many fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals that are essential to a healthy human body.

Some fruits can also be a good source of fiber for humans. Some humans have to be more careful about the fruits they consume especially those that are diabetic. Fruits do contain sugars. These sugars do absorb into the body slowly giving us the right kind of energy but sometimes they could cause a spike in blood sugar.

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Fruit trees grow from the seeds contained with the fruits that they bear. Fruit trees go through a reproductive process in which they bear fruit and then in turn that fruit breaks down eventually leaving a seed or multiple seeds from which a new tree can grow. Many fruit trees thrive in the wild with no help from humans but humans often cultivate fruit trees as well to ensure that they grow and produce the fruit that people love to eat.

Many people cultivate orchards and groves full of fruit trees and harvest the fruit to be eaten. In this case the reproduction process happens in a controlled way instead of happening naturally.

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Fruit cups are a single serving of fruit contained in a fruit juice. They are a tasty way to get a serving of fruit and are actually pretty healthy to consume. Fruit cups contain fruit that has been processed and packaged in fruit juice. They are 60 to 70 calories per cup and are much healthier and have much less sugar in them than something like a can of fruit cocktail. Fruit cups also feel and taste fresher and crisper than canned fruits do. Canned fruits have too many sugars and preservatives in them.

Fruit cups prove to be a refreshing alternative to canned fruit and they are quite tasty. However, it is important to remember that they do not really compare to a piece of real fresh fruit if you are able to choose that option instead.

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Fruit flies come about in the same manner as any other fly does. Fruit flies will lay their already fertilized eggs in particularly mushy decaying food. These eggs hatch into maggots within 24 to 30 hours after being laid. Once they have hatched into maggots after about a week of being alive they will burrow deeper into the environment they hatched in and then emerge later as grown flies.

Very soon after they start the process all over again becoming sexually active only two days after they have matured into adult flies. Female fruit flies will lay hundreds of eggs in their short lifespan. A population of fruit flies can multiply very rapidly.

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Fruit flies are attracted to rotted decaying foods but especially fruits hence their name. They will arrive on scene in places where they can find rotted fruits because the fruits are the perfect environment for them to lay their eggs in. They mate and then lay the fertilized eggs on the rotting fruit. After only about a day’s time the eggs hatch into maggots that will burrow down into the rotted fruit and when they emerge they will become fully grown flies.

After two days these flies become sexually active and they start the process all over again. Female fruit flies will lay hundreds of eggs in their short lifespan. If left to their devices they would multiply very rapidly but people usually make sure that they do not reproduce in or near their homes.

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Fruit flies work much the same way as other flies. However, they are particularly drawn to fruit. Soft rotting fruit is a fruit fly’s favorite place to lay their eggs and hatch their young. Fruit flies will lay their already fertilized eggs on especially mushy rotting fruit and those eggs hatch into maggots. Maggots only take 24 to 30 hours to hatch after the eggs are laid.

After that the maggot lives for one week on the rotting fruit before burrowing deep into it and when it emerges it is an adult fruit fly. Just two days after fruit flies reach adulthood they start being sexually active and begin the process all over again. They basically work their entire lives just to reproduce and make more fruit flies.

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Fruit flies breed by having sexual intercourse. After the fruit flies have become mature enough to be sexually active, which is actually just two days after they have reached maturity, they will have intercourse and then the female will lay her fertilized eggs. They like to lay their eggs on soft mushy decay fruit or other decaying food.

The fertilized eggs only take 24 to 30 hours to hatch and then the fruit fly begins its life as a maggot. They go through a process before becoming a fully mature fly and then only two days after reaching maturity they become sexually active and start the process all over again.

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Fruit is digested in the human body through fructose absorption. Fructose is the proper name for fruit sugars. These are naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables as opposed to the more complex and manufactured sugars in a lot of sugary sweets and other foods. Naturally occurring sugar is better for the body.

Fructose digestion begins in the small intestine where fructose molecules enter through a special channel and exits out the other side into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream the fructose will travel with other nutrients to the liver where it will be metabolized and processed.

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