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Fruit Questions and Answers (Q&A)

There are two different kinds of carbs and essentially these carbs are labeled as good carbs and bad carbs. Bad carbs are carbs that absorb into your system very quickly. As a result of this they can make blood sugar levels spike. Good carbs absorb more slowly so that they don’t cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Good carbs are found in things like fruits, vegetables, and beans.

These carbs are natural simple carbs. Cutting down or eliminating the more complex processed and refined carbs helps tremendously with a person’s health. The simple natural carbs are needed in our everyday diets to provide us with energy but complex carbs really have no place in a healthy diet.

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Typically fruit smoothies are good for you. Fruits are good sources of folates, vitamin C, and potassium so fruit smoothies are packed with these beneficial nutrients. You can also get protein and/or calcium from your smoothie if you have included yogurt or milk in it. Basically the real way to know if the smoothies you are making are good for you depends on what the ingredients are.

Smoothies that are compiled mostly of just fruit and a splash of a liquid like milk or even water are better for you than smoothies with added sugar. You must also be conscious of your serving size as well. You must stay within a recommended serving to be getting the real benefits from that you need from your smoothie without getting too much of certain components.

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Essentially fruit flies are not the worst thing. They cannot bite so you don’t have to worry about that. They also would not be unhealthy to eat just on their own. The problem with fruit flies is that they can carry diseases, bacteria, and viruses. Fruit flies can carry diseases and bacteria from one place to another and therefore spread these things.

If you eat rotten foods or foods that fruit flies have been on you stand a chance of getting sick not specifically because of the fruit flies but simply because of the things that they are able to carry around from one place to another. If you should ingest a fruit fly you should remain calm and remember that there is nothing dangerous about actually ingesting fruit flies themselves.

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If you are making your smoothies a certain way they are most certainly good for you. Smoothies can be a great way to get your recommended servings of both fruit and vegetables into your diet. If you are using milk or yogurt in your smoothie you will also find that its packed with much needed calcium. Smoothies can provide you with all the essential nutrients that your body needs as long as you are putting the right things in. A wrong move would be putting in extra sugar or an excess of something like peanut butter as that can add too much fat.

On a whole just make sure you are adding healthy natural things to your smoothies as much as possible and they will present a healthy meal replacement or snack.

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The sugars in fruits are the kinds of sugars that you should be putting in your body vs. the complex processed sugars found in things like candies, cookies, and pastries. Fruits contain fructose in its natural state. They also contain fiber and a lot of vitamins and minerals. If you are diabetic or on some sort of diet in which you have cut sugar completely out then consuming is still consuming sugar and you could witness a spike in your blood sugar level because of it.

Someone that is diabetic should limit their fruit intake and research which fruits are best for them to consume. At any rate consuming fruit sugars is the healthy way to consume sugar if you are going to.

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Fruit by the foot are gluten free. General Mills states that all their packages will contain information on the front and the back as to whether a certain product is gluten free or not. If a product has the gluten free label that product can be verified and tested as gluten free. While fruit by the foot is gluten free it is important to know that it is nearly halfway made up of sugar and contains no real nutritional value.

Fruit by the foot has a lot of artificial coloring, thickeners, and stabilizers but contains no fiber, protein, calcium, iron, or vitamin A. When consuming as a snack one should be aware that fruit by the food does not offer any kind of positive nutritional value.

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Fruit snacks are often marketed as a healthier alternative to sugary gummi candies. However, the truth is that they are no more nutritious than any other gummi snack. Fruit snacks are mostly made up of sugar. Primarily this sugar comes from concentrated white grape and apple juice. The rest of the ingredients are mainly dyes and other manufactured ingredients.

If you want a gummi snack you are just as well off eating sugary gummi bears or gummi worms in the end. Fruit snacks will not provide you with a healthy alternative to these snacks. If you want fruit and are trying to be healthy go for the real thing or research recipes for all natural healthier fruit snacks that you can make yourself.

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Gnat is a common name that many people use for small winged insects that fly around the house. A misconception that a lot of people make is that gnats are babies. Tiny gnats are fully grown adults. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between gnats and other tiny flying insects. Some people might call fruit flies gnats because of their small size. They are not the same thing even though they might look quite similar.

Fruit flies have red eyes and are a brownish orange color. There are several different types of gnats but none of them have these distinct features. Unfortunately it is pretty difficult to actually thoroughly examine a fruit fly as they will fly away very quickly.

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Fruit roll ups are supposed to be a snack that is a healthier alternative to sugary candies and other sweet treats. They were introduced by General Mills decades ago. Strawberry fruit roll ups claimed that they were all natural and made with real strawberries. The catch? Strawberry fruit roll ups are not made with strawberries whatsoever.

The fist ingredient is pears from concentrate and the second ingredient is sugar. Actually you might as well say that first ingredient is pretty much sugar as well. Fruit roll ups are made with a lot of sugar and other manufactured ingredients including a lot of different dyes used to make them take on the coloring of the fruit they claim to have in them.

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Fruit by the foot is a fruit snack made by General Mills. It is basically made with sugar mainly from juice concentrates and various other dyes and manufactured food products. Fruit by the foot is made from a puree of ingredients that are baked together and then put on wax paper and rolled up into a roll. Although their name would imply that each one is a foot long the length actually varies.

These snacks are sometimes seen as a healthier alternative to more sugary snacks but truly they are no healthier than any snack. You can make your own fruit by the foot with real fruit that turns out to be much healthier than the fruit by the foot you can purchase at the store.

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