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Fruit Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Fruit must ripen in order to become edible or at least in order to become something that people want to eat. The process of fruit ripening makes them softer and sweeter and produces a natural form of a chemical that is actually synthesized to make PVC. PVC is used in piping and plastic bags.

The chemical that makes plants ripen is a gaseous plant hormone called ethylene. When fruit ripens it is actually on its way to rotting. When we eat perfectly ripened fruit we are catching it just before it has ripened too far and begun the rotting process.

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As shown in the image above, the color of the banana is Yellow. Most often than not, the bananas that we consume are yellow. However, there are different varieties of banana with different colors all around the world. Bananas can be yellow, green, red, or even purple.

Banana is a fruit that is botanically classified as a berry. In many parts of the world, some varieties of bananas are cooked. These types are called “plantains,” and they are separate from the edible fruit. Also, the color of banana changes as it ripens. When unripe it can be green, then it progresses to yellow, red or purple and it turns brown when it is ripe.

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Keto and Paleo plans are two different types of diets that are popular right now. The keto diet is more focused on eliminating carbs to also lessen fat. They are also huge in consuming large amounts of protein. Paleo is more focused on the choices that you will make when you eat.

It teaches that you are supposed to get rid of grains, dairy, and processed food in your diet, but you can control the number of carbs, protein, or fats the way that you want. People can choose the type of diet that will work better for them. You can try out both foods and see which one is more effective for you in helping you lose weight.

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There are a few versions of who actually invented fruitcake – some people would often say that fruitcakes were invented by ancient Romans. However, this is not always an opinion shared by everyone. Some historians believe that the history of fruitcakes can be traced back as early as ancient Egyptians because they allegedly made fruitcakes in their time to put on the tombs of their deceased love ones.

After this era, this is where the ancient Romans come into the picture. Since fruitcakes made by ancient Egyptians remain to be a theory, a lot of people take a stand on their opinion that ancient Romans were the ones who created fruitcake wherein they combined ingredients such as pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and raisins. To be safe, we can just say that the ancient Romans created what is known now as fruitcakes.

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One should eat fruits for breakfast because our human body needs the right energy to properly function for our everyday needs. Fruits are known to contain vitamins, minerals and natural sugars that are easily digestible by our body. This just means that instead of our body using too much energy to process or digest processed sugars, it quickly processes the natural sugars, vitamins and minerals from the fruits we eat and distribute the energy to our body accordingly.

Professionals say that if one plans to eat fruits for breakfast, he or she should not eat other kinds of solid food such as sandwich or rice. Why? It’s because solid food, if eaten together with fruits, clogs the fruit from being digested in the stomach.

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A popular beverage is water that is infused with fruits. This is done with all kinds of fruits and gives the water a different distinct taste as well as adding nutrients from the fruit to the water. Herbs are often used in conjunction with fruits for infusing water as well.

A few ideas for infusing water includes cucumber mint, citrus berry, watermelon basil, pineapple mint, strawberry lemon, mango pineapple, cherry lime, and grapefruit raspberry. You can always experiment and figure out which infusions you like the best. At any rate the added nutrients and the flavor boost are a really healthy way to treat yourself to something tasty.

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Fruit offers all kinds of nutrients that our bodies need. Fruits have sugars in them that are actually good for the body and can be processed to provide energy. In addition fruits have lots of vitamins and minerals including folate, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. In addition eating plenty of fruits may reduce risk of disease as well.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, and even some cancers. Fruits are one of the basic things made in nature that was really meant to go into our bodies. Fruit helps to maintain our health overall and when eaten according to the right serving size it is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body.

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Fruit of the loom is an American clothing company that specializes mainly in underwear. The company’s headquarters is in Bowling Green Kentucky. In 1999 Fruit of the Loom filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. There seems to be varied reasons for the bankruptcy but one of those reasons was a large loss the company suffered. 66 million shares of outstanding common stock dropped from being worth about 44 dollars a piece in 1997 to only 1 dollar a piece in 2000.

It has also been said that the owner of the company lost a lot of money due to massive debt including unprotected business ventures. Among these were a ploy to structure the company into an offshore venture in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes.

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Japan’s fruits are so expensive because of three reasons: 1) Expensive real estate – The rent or ownership of real estate is high (higher than some of the countries in the world) and it is even scarce. Since a person who wants to grow fruit which takes several years to mature and bear fruit has to pay a high amount of money for his land area, the price of fruit becomes expensive, too, 2) Obsession with perfection – Japanese are known to want to produce cosmetically perfect fruit.

Hence, they put a great amount of effort and labor to caring and protecting the trees and fruits, and 3) Some fruits are a symbol of status – a perfect example of this is the Yubari King which symbolizes Japan’s wealth. There was one instance wherein it was bought at an auction for around 3 million Japanese Yen or more than 26,000 US dollars.

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