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The answer is actually sock, because when phoebe gets mad that Rachel and Ross keep telling Judy to pick up the sock, phoebe starts yelling "For gods sake Judy pick up the sock" and that's why I...

7 Answers

The answer is 7. "The one where Monica and chandler get married pt 2" is the last episode of season 7. We find out it's neither phoebe nor Monica pregnant and the camera pans to Rachel. Then...

5 Answers

Rachel kissed everyone too

• When she kissed Joey in Barbados.
• We all know the deal with Ross
• Chandler kissed Rachel because he kissed Monica in...

3 Answers

The correct answer is Frank Jr and Ursula (Pheobe's twin)

2 Answers

It's Ken Adams not Kent Adams. Lose that t.

2 Answers

It's 298. If you watch the episode where Ross buys a couch, you'll see that when he's at the store he tells the store clerk that's him and Rachel have done it together 298 times. Not 300.

2 Answers

Frank Jr. and Irsula

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