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Football Questions and Answers (Q&A)

S. Hughes
Answered: May 19, 2020
NFL stands for the National Football League, and AFL stands for American Football League. In 1970, the NFL and the AFL merged to form pro league, and the ambition for both parties was to reel in...Read More

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R. Barnes, Analyst
Answered: Mar 26, 2020
The NFL and the AFL are two different types of leagues. The NFL is known as the National Football League. This is known to be the highest type of professional football league that can be found in...Read More

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Howard Reyes, Science Teacher
Answered: Jun 18, 2020
When you are watching football, you may notice that there are different cards that are raised depending on what the player has done. When the yellow card is raised, this is meant to show a...Read More

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