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Foot Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Both footnotes and endnotes are used and located in a piece of writing on a paper. They are seldom confused at most would believe they have the same function. For clarification, a footnote, as the name suggests, can be located at the bottom of a page while an endnote is found at the end of a document or a chapter.

In simpler terms, you can put footnotes on every page of the document you are writing but you can only put endnotes on the last page of a chapter or the whole document. Usually, footnotes contain short texts to show citations while endnotes contain longer and more texts. They also have a different numbering system to help the readers whether they will be looking at a footnote or endnote for more information.

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Flip flops and sandals are foot wares which can be worn by both males and females. The two foot wares can be made in different ways and designs. While both Flip flops and sandals are serving the same purpose, however, there are some differences between the two foot wares. Sandals are different from flip flops in that, sandals can be made with flat soles and even designed in such a way that they have heels, but flip flops on the other hand does not have heels, they can only be made with flat soles.

Sandals are held tightly to the ankle by using buckles, straps or thongs. While flip flops are loosely held with the foot by using a Y-shaped straps. Another difference is that, soles for both sandals and flip flops can be made from different materials. For example, soles for sandals can be made from leather, rubber, wood, ropes etc. While soles for flip flops are usually made from rubber and even cotton.

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Cfl has relations with dorsiflexion and like the statement stated he didnt have any problems with plantar flexion so that rulled out the ATFL

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