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C but will change gloves within the day shift if must change task at hand in job description chore, or if the gloves get soiled while handling food.

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A, B and D are correct.

The civil war was initiated by many things. Tax and tariff, slavery and congress making laws to benefit the North or the South were parts of the reason. The North and South had agreement but with the efficient growth in the economy of the North, they shifted from...

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Correct answer is option B.

In Arizona, food handlers are expected never to smoke or eat in the kitchen or in areas where food is prepared or stored. This is one of the recommended health precautions in order to prevent the contamination of food presented to customers. If food handlers...

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Washing dishes at home is usually relegated to the children who rinse off the dishes and place them in the dishwasher, then punch some buttons and they are finished. If you work in a restaurant or at a church’s kitchen, you are expected to know the rules and to follow a strict set of...

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Before you start cooking, you should technically start cooking after you wash your hands with water and soap. This is meant to kill the bad bacteria - or at least most of it - that you won’t have a serious risk of transferring something to your food that won’t be killed during...

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(A) Two for females and three for males

Canada’s Food Guide recommends that adult females consume two servings of meat per day while adult males consume 3 servings. These recommendations can vary depending on your activity level, so you should consult with your doctor about what a...

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The correct answer to this question is C. There are certain temperatures that meat should be cooked at in order to be able to safely eat them without risk of things like salmonella. Non-ground meats and seafood should be cooked at 145 degrees. Poultry and stuffing should be cooked at 165...

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You do not thaw foods at room temperature! So it can not be All of the above!

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Foodborne illness can be a serious thing. There are a lot of things that can end up causing a foodborne illness. These might include fish delivered at 65 degrees, cooked potatoes that took 8 hours to cool at 45 degrees, or chicken cooked at 155 degrees.

However, an example of something...

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None of the above since the minimum temp is not listed. The MAX is however, 41 since cold food should not be above 41. The questions is not stated correctly for this answer.

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