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Food Questions and Answers (Q&A)

You might be mulling over and over that bread and cheese are the most consumed food in the world. Undoubtedly, both are consumed a great deal however, these are not the most popular food items worldwide.

The five most consumed foods worldwide today are as follows:

  1. French Fries: Yes, you heard right! French Fries has occupied the top position worldwide. Potatoes, cut in long and thin pieces, with a seasoning of Ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise on it. Their names can vary from country to country ( e.g. finger chips or french fried potatoes) but are made with the same idea. People love to have it with a cold drink or soda.

  2. Hotdog: It’s a typical American food which consists of long bread, catchup, sausage, and mustard. Its availability, low prices, and delicious taste have made it more popular throughout the world. It is named due to its similarity of a basset dog, a breed dog from Germany.

  3. Sandwich: That’s my favorite too! The sandwich is a unique dish that offers millions of combinations across the globe. Mostly people like bread with a little amount of cheese and ham only. The best part of these sandwiches, you can mix healthy ingredients like tomato, cabbage, pickles, and even barbecue. That’s really amazing!

  4. Yogurt: With low calories, it has occupied the fourth position among the most eaten foods worldwide. Being a healthy option, Yogurt proffers a wide range of combinations with other low-calorie ingredients.

  5. Milkshakes and Ice-creams: Is there anyone who doesn’t like milkshakes and ice-creams? Probably not! These can please kids too. You can easily find an ice-cream shop near you in every nook and corner of the world. People like to have it even in extreme cold seasons.

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In some countries, ghee is used instead of butter, or you may even encounter ghee in supermarkets, but you are not sure what it is or what it is made from. Ghee and butter look alike and also smell like. To differentiate them from each other, ghee is 99.99 to 100 percent fat and is most common in India. It is anhydrous butterfat that is mixed with the buffalo’s milk fat.

This is used as cooking oil in most Indian cuisines. Butter, on the other hand, is made of 80% fat and has two kinds, the salted and unsalted butter. Compared to the shelf life of ghee, butter expires faster than ghee because of the additives and added ingredients. Butter is usually made from the milk of a cow, sheep, yak, and a goat.

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A man can still survive a few days without taking food. But if one is still alive till between the thirtieth and forty-fifth day of starving, death is already knocking at the door. It is observed that death is more likely to occur around the fortieth day of starving from food. Most certainly, the body will not be able to bear it anymore on the sixtieth day, and death is most likely to happen any time soon after the sixtieth day. Nevertheless, our body is different from themselves, and bodies have a different level of tolerance or endurance.

The extent to which a man lives after the absence of food is also determined by the nature of the person’s body –how strong or endurable the body is. Another factor to be considered is the intake of water. A consistent intake of water will also enable longer living days without food. Hardly can anyone bear it beyond a week without food and water.

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Onions and Scallions are two examples of vegetables. Scallions are also onions, and they are most times called with different names. Scallions are known as spring onions, stick onions, green onions, etc. Scallion belongs to genus Allium, but its specie varies, and that's why we can have the different names listed above. On the other hand, Onion also belongs to genus Allium, and its specie is Allium Cepa, although there are other species of onions; Japanese onions, Egyptian onions, etc.

Onions are also known as garden onions or bulb onions. Another difference between scallions and onions can be noticed when you consider their appearance. Scallions do not have bulbs like onions, they are harvested once they reach maturity, and at this stage, they have long green leaves. That's why in some parts of the world, they are grown mainly as salad onions. Onions, on the other hand, are bigger than scallions, this is because they are harvested only when they have big matured bulbs.

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There is no significant difference between beverage and drink, and at times people get confused by their usage. Drinks refer to a group of liquids that are fit for consumption, including water. Drinks come in different ways, i.e., shape and size. Some drinks are alcoholic because they contain a percentage of ethanol, while some are known as soft drinks or carbonated drinks. The word 'drink' can be used as a noun and as a verb. As a verb, it means to consume any liquid substance through the mouth.

For example, they drank the water I gave them. Beverages, on the other hand, refer to a group of liquid substances that are good for consumption, excluding water. This is just a slight difference between drinks and beverages. The word 'beverage' can only be used as a noun. Beverages are mostly served hot, though not every time. Examples are; coffee, tea, milk, juice.

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Porridge is a special dish made of grain or legumes, milk, or water. All of these are heated and stirred until it is made thick. Examples of grains that can be used to make porridge are rice, wheat, corn, barley, etc. There is no big difference between porridge and oatmeal because oatmeal is just a type of porridge. Oatmeal is made from ground or rolled oats.

The process starts by turning oats into fine flour after the bran has been removed. When you make your porridge with oats, it tastes more okay than every other cereal or legume that can be for porridge, especially when milk or cream is added. Cracked oats are mostly used for porridge. When oats are used to make porridge, it can be called porridge or oatmeal, but when other cereals or legumes like rice or wheat are used, they can only be called porridge and not oatmeal.

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Luxurious food items usually mean food that are expensive and very tasty to eat. Many people have heard of these items, but they can’t order or find them because they are so expensive. One luxurious item is steak. There are many types of steaks, so the luxurious steak would be filet mignon because it is the most expensive cut of beef. Other luxurious food items include lobster.

Many people who eat lobster must have money to spend or it must be a special occasion. Also, lobster is usually served in specific places like in Maine or in seafood restaurants located on the coast. Oysters and caviar are other types of luxurious food items that are not found in many restaurants, but only specialty places.

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Not all alcohols feel right after a meal. The type of alcohol you take after a meal can determine how you feel for the next couple of hours. Instead of consuming random alcohol after a meal, you should consider one of these.

Amaro- the Italian bitter sweet liquour. It is a known after meal digestif meaning it aids the digestion process in the body.

Bourbon- made from distilled corn, bourbon is a good choice after a heavy meal.

Port wine - this is a Portuguese wine. It is a sweet wine which makes it a good choice for dessert for many. It is known to contain many vitamins and minerals.

Pale ale- this better drink is also known to help clean the palate. It is a good after meal beer.

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Some people may become confused when they see the label as “dehydrated.” They may think that this is the same as “freeze-dried” but these two are actually different. Dehydrated means that up to 95% of the product’s moisture has been removed.

Dehydrated food will have a shelf life of up to a year but freeze-dried food will have a shelf life of about five years. Freeze-dried food is different from dehydrated in the sense that it has already been cooked. If you would decide to eat it, you just need to heat it which means that preparation can be so much shorter. You just need to boil your food to ensure that it will be hydrated before you prepare it.

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Cereals and pulses are grains that are cultivated in large quantities, and they are useful for both human and animal consumptions. Though they are both grains, they have differences, which we shall be looking at in this article. Cereals are derivatives of the Poaceae family, while the pulses belong to the legume family, which also referred to as Fabaceae. Cereals usually grow relatively in every area except the desert land, and land covered with ice. Pulses are annual plants that grow in pots, and they yield from one to twelve seeds.

Cereals are of high energy benefits to man when consumed, and that makes it be cultivated in larger quantities than pulses. While cereals majorly constitute of carbohydrates, pulses contain oils and proteins. Examples of cereals include wheat, corn, maize, rice, millets, sorghum, and barley, whereas examples of pulses include chickpeas, dry beans, lentils, cowpeas, and soya beans.

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