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Florida Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Real or personal property, owned by two or more entities, with a legally binding agreement for every member/homeowner to share responsibility and maintenance.

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An Association is a legal enity. It cannot be simply defined asSpecific rights are granted to the owners.
The Association elects a BOD and they in turn will create a set of rights, but the association is NOT those rights.

May be poor wording but I have to disagree whith the inclusion of answer A.

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The correctanswers are A )provides for governance, business and communal aspects of administration, maintaining and enhancing property B) is structured by document that defines property rights

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Okay, This is just sily. The answers are not listed as A,B,C,D on the main screen and are on this page. The "C" choice is the third choice is neither A or B so how the heck can the answer be A, B, and C?

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Florida has more than one time zone depending on where you are in the state. Some counties which are located in the panhandle which is northern Florida are in the central time zone. The rest of Florida including the capital which is also northern Florida uses the EST or eastern standard time zone.

Florida participates in daylight savings time so make sure to keep that in mind when you are traveling to Florida or are communicating with people from Florida if you are in a different state or country which does not follow daylight savings time. Daylight savings time has been used for as long as the rest of the United States has used daylight savings time. There were several different native American tribes that were in Florida.

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How can it be a, b and c when the answer for c is not and b?

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