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Flag Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Michael Bodine
Answered: Dec 10, 2017

The Domimican Republic was founded before Puerto Rico; the Castle built there was much smaller than Port Au Prince; the Castle on Dominican Republiceventually became a.... Cathedral.

12 Answers

A. Ameli
Answered: Sep 07, 2017
The type of leaf on Canada’s natioan flag is the maple leaf. You may be asking yourself why Canada specifically used the maple leaf as part of their flag, well here is the answer: When...Read More

3 Answers

Answered: Jan 26, 2018

The flag should be raised slowly and lowered briskly and ceremoniously

2 Answers

A. Ameli
Answered: Sep 06, 2017
River Thames is the only geographical feature depicted on the London Underground Map. This is because there are many tunnels which pass underneath the Thames River such as the following: High...Read More

2 Answers

Answered: Jan 26, 2018
According to the National Flag Code, which of these are guidelines for those not in military uniform during the playing of the national anthem or the reciting of the Pledge of...Read More

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