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Baitcast and Spinning are two types of fishing reels and they are two most commonly used types of reels because of the ease with which they can be used. The major difference between the two is about the technicalities that surround the usage of all the different parts they are made of, most especially the lines and how they are controlled. Both Baitcast and spinning reels consist of a foot, a spool, a bail and the drag part.

In spinning reel, the line starts leaving the spool after a little force has been exerted by the user. Spinning reels are unknown for its versatility and that's why many people prefer it to other types of reels. It is very easy to set up compared to baitcast. However, in baitcast, you would need to exert more force or pressure to get the spool spinning. Baitcast is useful when you are targeting big catch but you would need to be resting the spool.

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The answer you have marked is Roccus Mississippienis, but that doesn't hold true. A largemouth bass is Micropterus Ssalmoides, and the smallmouth is Micropterus dolomieu.

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You only fishtopwater in warmwater in the morning at night or on cloudy days in water 60degrees or lower bass are lethargic and you need to downsize your lure.

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I put those but in a different order. This test sucks

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