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Eye Questions and Answers (Q&A)

When we look at an object, light rays from every part of the object enters into the eyes, the light rays then pass through the cornea, the aqueous humour, lens and vitreous humour, the light rays are bent and image is formed on the retina.
the vitreous humour converts the light rays to electrical impulses , before reaching the retina to stimulate the rods and cons to invert the image. the retina views images in an inverted form and not the actual size. the electrical impulses pass through the optic lobe which transmits it to the optic fibre to send impulses to the brain.

from the optic fibre the impulses are sent to the vision centre cerebral hemisphere where the image is formed and the real size and colour of the image is seen. images are formed and seen properly when they fall on the fovea centralis. note that images on the retina are smaller but we see the images as the actual size

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The palpebral conjunctiva is known to be a part of the conjunctiva. This is a clear membrane and the main goal of this is to coat the inside portion of the eyelids. There is another membrane that coats the outer area of the eye called ocular conjunctiva.

There are some people who have issues with their conjunctivas because of a disease called conjunctival concretions. These come in small and yellow-white lesions that may affect different people.

This is a disease that is more common for the elderly. If this would be detected early, there are different treatments that are possible in order to prevent this condition from occurring.

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This question does not make sense because:
1. F is pointing to two parts
2. the answer (B) is pointing to the LENS
3. F is really the Retina.

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To avoid any contraindications to the eye such as swelling ,watery and sensitive eyes

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Lens ! The pupil is the opening in front of the Lens

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Students need to be studying textbooks, and often academic articles that are typically in tiny print. This can cause eyestrain and worse, especially if the lighting is insufficient. This may well be the case in many student digs.

However, it is more likely that students are staying up late with their eyes on mobile phones, again with tiny detail. the use of TV, ipads and mobile phones has adverse effect upon sleep, and lack of sleep is a key factor in impaired health generally.

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Like any heavily used item, all bodily parts worsen and weaken with age. We use our eyes every day, the muscles weaken so sight deteriorates even without any disease. The leading cause of vision loss in adults over 60 is mascular degeneration but this will not lead to blindness.

The macula is a small area of the retina controlling central vision and the ability to see fine details. Formation of deposits or abnormal blood vessels under the retina cause the degeneration.

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I find this too difficult to give a fair answer. What part of the eye could be spared without any impairment to vision? I imagine no part. The lens is composed of transparent, flexible tissue, this and the cornea focus light and images on your retina. The sclera, or white part of the eye, protects the eyeball.

How can you say which part is less important? The main thing is to protect your eyes and your eyesight. This involves avoiding dusty and toxic environments where possible, and avoiding too many hours squinting at the tiny screen of a mobile phone, as well as a tablet and a television.

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The accommodation reflex is a movement of the eye, in reaction to focusing on an object that is close, then looking at a distant object comprising of coordinated changes in lens shape and pupil size. The ciliary muscles in the eye control the change in the formation of the lens.

Changes in contraction of the ciliary muscles after the focal range for a distance of the eye, causing closer or future images to come into focus on the retina — the pupil contracts to expand the depth of focus of the eye.

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A rod is something found in the retina that show us colour

cones have more than i million coulors

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